Church Chair Review – a Review of the Top 3 Church Chairs

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What are the “top” 3 church chairs today? Well, after many years of providing church chairs from almost every manufacturer of our day to hundreds of churches across the nation, the answer to that question seems fairly obvious to me today. But before I provide it, first let me define the word “top” from our title, at least in the context I will be using it in this article.

By “top” I do not mean the top three church chairs in terms of quality! Rather I mean the top three church chairs in terms of popularity and prominence. Please understand I am not in possession of the actual sales numbers of each chair we are reviewing with this article. Also, each of these three “top” chairs comes in many variations and models so there is some fluidity to this approach. But even with these caveats, I believe it is fairly easy to classify the following three church chairs as the top three of our day in terms of prominence and popularity.

Our first chair is the Hercules Church Chair that is imported by Flash Furniture and marketed by several websites, several of which appear to be connected to each other. The Hercules Chair was introduced several years ago in the USA when Flash Furniture began importing them to their cavernous warehouse in Canton, Georgia. I remember visiting that warehouse and being amazed at the rows and rows of skids with church chairs stacked on them. One row would have seat backs stacked on them and the next row would have the seats themselves. This was my first experience with church chairs that the church had to assemble themselves. The Hercules Chair has become somewhat popular because of one distinguishing marketing aspect: PRICE! It is immediately evident when examining this chair in person that it is produced in a very low-cost manner. Additionally the shipping is less expensive because the chairs are not assembled when they ship. Because though of the low price, this is one of our three “top” church chairs in terms of popularity.

Our second chair is the Bertolini Church Chair that has several lines which are advertised as being produced in North America. This brand of chairs has been around a long time, though the models manufactured have changed quite a bit over the years. If you visit very many churches with chairs and flip a chair over, it is inevitable that some of them will have been produced by Bertolini. Like the Hercules Chair, Bertolini Chairs also have their own main distinguishing marketing aspect: DOMESTIC! You cannot visit any of the various Bertolini websites without reading the domestic claim on numerous pages. There is an ongoing appeal throughout the marketing process for churches to purchase chairs from Bertolini because they are American-made. There is little mention (if any) that churches will have to pay significantly more dollars because of this attribute, but the appeal is made nonetheless. But because of the marketing efforts of Bertolini, we certainly believe they are one of our three “top” church chairs in terms of popularity.

Our third chair is the Summit Series Church Chair from Comfortek Seating that is produced both off-shore and domestically, but by a manufacturer who controls all aspects of its production. In other words, this chair is not produced by a third party offshore factory who then sells it to an American Company. Comfortek Seating has been producing chairs for more than a decade and their Summit Line has become very popular with churches today. Like the Hercules Chairs and the Bertolini Chairs, Comfortek Chairs also have one main distinguishing marketing aspect: VALUE! On many, many occasions we have seen churches place the Comfortek Church Chair side by side with those mentioned above and many others, and almost always, the conclusion is the Comfortek Church Chair is clearly the best value in terms of overall quality, comfort, warranty and price-point. As a result, we also believe that the Comfortek Church is one of the “top” three church chairs in terms of popularity.

So there you have it: the “top” three church chairs in terms of popularity of our day.  We do encourage your church to always obtain sample church chairs for your own decision-making process so you can decide for yourself what will be the “top” church chair for your church!  Try Church Chair Finder to get the best price.