The Titan Royal EZ (REZ) Sneak Peak

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

A couple of months ago we were provided an early version of what we believe is a much needed product for both commercial environments and home environments.  The Titan Line of Chairs with Royal EZ Mobility Assistance is a chair we have found that truly delivers what it promises.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, by watching this very short video we think you will obtain a glimpse of what this product does deliver.

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A few weeks after we were provided our version of this chair, we had visitors to our home that saw the chair and asked us about it.  We soon found ourselves demonstrating the Titan Royal EZ Chair to them.  As we did so, we learned that one of them had a mother whom she constantly struggled to assist in getting her up to their dining table.  She told us she and her brother had damaged multiple chairs over the years while doing so, they had experienced problems with marking up their flooring, and at times had also injured themselves physically through the effort and strain involved.  We invited her to take our  Titan Royal EZ Chair home and try it out in a real life application with her mother.  She accepted our offer, we loaded the chair up in her van, and off she went looking forward to trying it out with her mother.

Two days later she called and shared how perfectly this chair had performed.  She that the first time their mother sat down in the chair and was so easily moved up to the table, a priceless smile came over her mother’s face!  That does not surprise us.  Most older people do not like being a burden to their children and family members.  With the Titan Royal EZ Chair it was immediately obvious that her mother did not feel that way any more and was experiencing an increased sense of dignity and self-worth.

The Titan Line of Chairs incorporates a combination of Elegance, Durability and also Mobility in a variety of sizes and models.  For commercial applications the recommended model is a 22″ wide armed chair.  However, for home applications there will be an 18.5″ wide model without arms, a 20″ wide model without arms, and then armed versions of the 20″ wide model and 22″ wide model.  In addition there will be a 18″ wide armless wood model available in three different stain finishes (only the seat will be upholstered on the wood models).  This selection should allow for any environment to be a candidate for a Titan Royal EZ Chair where the need exists.

You can learn more about the Titan Royal EZ Chair here.  While the environments that will undoubtedly benefit the most from this line will be Assisted Living and Senior Care Facilities and then Home Applications, we also believe that churches would be wise to consider one or two of these chairs for their fellowship areas!  We hope you will!