Why We Love Our Gentner Church Assisted Listening Systems!

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Which Church Assisted Listening Device is the best choice for your church?  With all the manufacturers and importers of ALS today, why have we chosen to make available to churches at the savings we do the entire Gentner line of ALS?  Here are the three primary reasons:

  • Personal Experience:  We have used Gentner ALS Systems ourselves!  For many years we have had the opportunity to lead church groups to destinations such as Israel.  During those trips we have used Tour Guide Systems which are very similar to Assisted Listening Systems.  The “guide” or leader is able to communicate with his group of perhaps 40 people without having to raise his or her voice.  Each person in the tour group has their own receiver and they are able to hear what the leader is communicating.  Now, on some of those trips we used ALS Systems that were NOT Gentner and on some of them we used Gentner systems.  The difference was amazing!  The Gentner systems had greater range, they had no noticeable dropout or interference, and at the end of the trip the participants would rave about how great the ALS system worked!  Our personal experience has been very influential for us!
  • Customer Service:  Occasionally there will be a receiver damaged on one of our trips.  We have found Gentner so easy to work with when it comes to diagnosing any issue and equally then in correcting it.  In addition, their technical expertise and their ability to communicate that expertise is second to none. All issues are handled quickly and courteously and all warranties are honored without resistance.  When calls are made, live personnel are able to be reached easily and professional communication skills are exhibited.  Our desire is to work with a manufacturer that is just as helpful AFTER the sale as they are BEFORE!  We find that Gentner stands out in their field with this attribute!
  • Fiscal Value: Every dollar is important for churches and ministries today.  While Gentner’s product line and customer service are exemplary, that is not in any way reflected in the price of their systems.  We have carried out price comparisons many times and always, we are able between Gentner’s pricing and our own affinity to churches, to provide a price savings to churches over the other systems available.  It is always a pleasure to hear churches express pleasure that they can have the leading ALS system for their people without a huge investment!

At Assisted Listening for Churches, our desire is to save you dollars on the best system available for churches today.  We hope hope you will contact us for all your assisted listening and tour guide system needs.