4 Seat Junior Toddler Table – Ratings & Reviews

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4-Seat Junior Toddler Table

Bottom Line:  The Four Seat Junior Toddler Table from Toddler Tables is a solution for older toddlers that normally accommodates children up to 40 pounds in weight.

Pros:  High impact molded plastic top, seat belts are included, available in blue, red or yellow, handles larger toddlers very well, great price point.

Cons:  The Junior Toddler Table is available only in a four seat configuration.

The 4 Seat Junior Toddler Table was produced in response to the demand for a Toddler Table that would handle larger children in the same way that the complete Toddler Table Line handles smaller children.  It is constructed in a different manner though than the overall line.  The 4 Seat Junior Toddler Table has a table top made out of molded plastic that includes the seats whereas the rest of the Toddler Table Line has high pressure laminate tops that you place the seats into.  As a result, with the Junior Toddler Table, the seats will be the same color as the table top (red, yellow or blue).  With the rest of the line you choose between six different laminate table tops and three different colors of seat inserts.  But the Junior Toddler Table does accomplish what it sets out to do, that is it accommodates most children up to 40 pounds in weight versus the 30 pound weight the rest of the Toddler Table Line purports to accommodate.

Our rating for the Junior Toddler Table 4 Seat:  4.70 out of 5

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