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MeridianIn the area of church seating and church chairs, there is a plethora of choices!  Too many choices can actually complicate the entire church chair purchasing journey.  Here is what we see take place far too often as a church begins the process of looking for chairs.  This is the most “common” scenario by far!

  • Whoever has been designated by the church to run “point” on the church seating project, pulls up their Internet search engine and types in “church chairs” or something similar, and is immediately faced with millions of search results.  There can be a sense of being overwhelmed at how one even begins to wade through all those results.
  • But they need to start somewhere so they go to the websites of a few of the more prominent search engine results (even though that chair dealer might be paying your search engine to list them on that first page).  Every company in those results claims they have the best chair by far for your church!  So a few contact forms are filled out, a few phone calls are made, and before long that sense of being overwhelmed has actually increased!
  • At this point because of the competition to sell you their chairs, each company moves quickly to convince you that their chair is perfect for your church even though in many cases they do not take much time to really understand your church and your uniqueness.  They realize that the more questions they might raise to you, the more that might slow down the decision to purchase chairs by your church!  So their chair is “perfect” for your church regardless of whether it really is or not!
  • Inevitably some “enticements” are now advanced like “free book racks” or “free shipping” even though these items are NOT free at all!  The cost of these items or services have just been built into the overall cost of the chairs to begin with. But with all the information the church is processing during their chair journey, it can be easy not to question the premise of “free” and just allow it to stand unchallenged.
  • And then chairs are purchased!  And another church joins the ranks of those that experience “buyer’s remorse” with their church chair purchase!

At Church Furniture Partner we refuse to pressure your church in any way!  All contacts made to us are followed up on.  But that follow-up begins with a time of getting to know your church, your environments, your ministry and your uniqueness.  Because we have almost every church chair manufactured today available to our ministry, we take our time to help you determine what chair will work best for your church in terms of comfort, value, budget, storage, durability, etc.  Then we love to see your church take the time to examine sample chairs which we make easy for you to obtain.  We educate your church regarding church seating throughout the process.  And when it does finally come time to purchase, we provide you the lowest “apples to apples” pricing!

We’d love to come alongside your church in this same manner!  Please contact us and we will be honored to begin that process!