Church Chair Sale Added for Nevada Churches

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

West Coast Church Chair SaleA few months ago we announced at Church Furniture Partner our new effort to save churches in California and Arizona money on their church chair purchases.  Today we are announcing that we have added much of the State of Nevada to this same program.  We hope to eventually be able to add other Western States to this program over time as well.

The reason for this program is that shipping costs continue to escalate around the country.  And the most expensive shipping costs are those that involve goods, including church chairs and church furnishings, being moved from an east coast manufacturer or warehouse to a west coast church customer.  Because the majority of church furnishing manufacturers and distributors are located east of the Mississippi River, churches out west invariably face higher delivery costs than their counterparts that are east of the Mississippi River.  Occasionally there is an option for west coast churches but overall this is the challenge that they regularly face.

If you are a church in Nevada that is currently contemplating a church chair purchase, here is where to start.  Please submit a contact form which will inform us of your geographical location to assist us in determining all of our logistical options.  Please let us know also the quantity of  church chairs you will be needing for your project.  We’ll forward additional information to you and begin the process of working with your church to be able to realize substantial savings on that church chair purchase.

Please know that because saving dollars on shipping and freight costs is somewhat of a moving target, we are unable to guarantee the amount of savings we can achieve for your church.  But our experience to this point has shown that in most cases we are able to do accomplish this goal very well.  We certainly look forward to saving your church dollars as well!