Church Chairs $6.88 w/ Free Shipping & 10 Minimum Quantity!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

“We’re glad to be the first to bring you the Ozark Church Chair!  These church chairs are an amazing value!  They feature a strong steel frame and a durable polyester fabric.  Each chair has its own built-in (communion) cup holder!  And because these church chairs are fold-able, they will collapse for easy storage and transportation.  To top it off, if you order 10 or more of these chairs  for your church, you will receive free shipping!  This is one of the best deals on church chairs you will ever find!  It is a deal that really is too good to be true!”


  • Steel Frame Construction!
  • Liquid-Resistant Polyester Fabric!
  • Arm Chair for Ultimate Comfort!
  • Communion or Coffee Cup Holder!
  • Plastic Non-Scratch Gliders!
  • Collapses for Easy Storage!
  • Sampson Strong!
  • Chair Storage Unit Included with Purchase!


Yes, these chairs can be used in a church.  And yes they have a steel frame, and a polyester fabric, and cup holders, and they store well and they even will ship free if you order 10 or more.  But…

Despite these true facts, one look at the sales page for this chair tells you they are NOT the church chairs you want or need in your church!

So what is the point of this article?  Well, the reality is that many “similar” church chairs are advertised at great savings on the web for your church!  And while they may “look” more like the chair you have in mind for your church, the reality is these chairs may equally be a “deal too good to be true”.

We regularly work with churches that have made such purchases and then discovered that the claims that were made to them as they purchased their church chairs were greatly exaggerated!  They feel violated and taken advantage of!  After all, doesn’t the $6.88 Ozark Church Chair sound good on paper?

At Church Furniture Partner, because we have access to nearly every church chair on the market today, we will provide you with the accurate information you need to make a wise decision on church chairs you will not regret.  We make it easy for you to have church chair samples in hand to fairly evaluate if they measure up to the words written about them.  And we provide documentation on chair specifications and warranties that really are honored.

We invite you to contact our ministry at Church Furniture Partner (419-636-6411) for all your church chair and worship seating needs, as well as all other church furnishings needs you might have.  We firmly believe you will be glad you did…  Don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true hype.  And, hey, if you do want the ‘$6.88 Church Chair’, it is still available here.

Cheap Church Chair with Cup Holder

Cheap Church Chair or Bad Idea?