Adding Pagers to Your Church Nursery Paging System

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LRS Freedom Transmitter

“Our church is growing and we need to add some more nursery pagers to our system!  Can that be done?”  That’s a question we receive fairly often from our church nursery paging system customers.  They have purchased a system from us in the past, been very pleased with it, seen their church continue to grow, and now they need to add to that same church paging system.

Well, the great news is that the answer is, “Yes, it can be done and it is very easy to do so.”  At Church Nursery Pagers for Less we anticipated this reality when we determined which system was the best value for churches across the country.  As we compared transmitters, our research kept coming back to the fact that the TX-7460 Freedom Church Pager Transmitter was heavily weighted with features, characterized by easy operation, and a stand-out when it came to its low price-point!  Adding additional church nursery pagers is a breeze as a result!

What are the steps you need to take?  First determine of course how many additional pagers your church needs.  It is possible as well that you might need additional charging units based on that quantity.  Then when we process your order, we simply code and number your additional pagers to pick up where we left off with your previous order.  There is no need for you to do any programming onsite after you receive the order.  We’ll handle that in advance for you so the integration is seamless and simple!

Do you need some additional nursery pagers?  Or perhaps your church is ready to get started with a system and desire the best value for churches today?  Please contact us at Church Nursery Pagers for Less and we’ll help you get started with a great system or assist you in increasing the capacity you already have.