Church Chair Savings for California and Arizona Churches

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

The ministry of Church Furniture Partner is to save churches dollars on all of their church furnishing needs.  We have been very successful at doing so for many years and have a wealth of “apples to apples” testimonies demonstrating that success.  We have though found it difficult at times to provide that same savings to some of our west coast church customers primarily because of how geography can impact shipping costs.  The majority of church furniture manufacturers and distributors are located east of the Mississippi River so transporting products to the West Coast inevitably means substantially higher shipping costs for churches located there.

Recently though we have been testing a new program for churches in California and Arizona who are purchasing church chairs.  Here are the basics:

  • The best values for church chairs are inevitably found in the eastern half of the United States. As we have tested chairs from each manufacturer, we have consistently found this to be the case.
  • Trucks with orders for church chairs traveling from the East to the West travel a lot of miles just to get out west, and then can travel many more miles traveling to the various churches receiving chairs.
  • We have negotiated some special savings with the goal of decreasing the distance between churches receiving chairs and also filling trucks completely with chairs.  We are beginning our program with three main geographical corridors:  Los Angeles to Phoenix, Los Angeles to San Diego, and Los Angeles to San Francisco.  We have chair suppliers that are going to provide special pricing for this effort as well.
  • Our program will provide both a combined volume discount for all chairs orders on the truck as well as a special shipping discount.  For churches receiving chairs, there will be a need to work with a longer than normal lead time in order to build the truckloads that will result in these substantial savings.

If you are a church in California or Arizona that is considering church chairs here is what you can do.  Submit a contact form letting us know your location and the number of church chairs you anticipate needing for your project.  We’ll send some additional information your direction and work with your church to make possible substantial savings on those church chairs!