Replacement Seat Belts for Your Toddler Table Discounted!

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Replacement Toddler Table Seatbelt

Toddler Feeding Table Seat Belt

“We love our Toddler Table!”  Those words are similar to those we hear from one of our Toddler Table owners after another.  That does not surprise us!  Toddler Tables, which provide such a distinct way to help facilitate the care of little children during a wide variety of activities such as teaching times, and snack breaks, and play minutes, have become very popular across the country.  Each month we see our tables placed in preschools, and in churches, and in child-care facilities, and in private homes as well as in numerous other  environments for children across the nation.  We find that because these tables are so convenient and multi-use, they are used more often than was perhaps imagined when the table was purchased.

However, when anything is used as regularly as these tables are there can be some slight wear and tear that takes place.  We find with our tables that the laminate table tops themselves hold up amazingly well!  We also find that the steel powder-coated table frames need no maintenance for years and years.  However, occasionally the seat belts which secure each child in their seat do need to be replaced.  They are of a softer material and with all the food and craft items being used on this table, along with the children themselves, replacing the seat belts can be prudent. As a result we are providing Toddler Table Replacement Seat Belts at special discounted prices.   

We want to encourage you to consider replacing the seats belts for your Toddler Tables.  And also, please be aware that replacement Toddler Table Seats are also available and will install easily in your Toddler Table.  Please contact us for more information.  You can also use our convenient interface at ToddlerTables.Net.