We’re Now Saving Churches Money on Church Pews!

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That’s right!  Church Furniture Partner has decided to begin offering church pews to our church customers across the country.  For some years now we have always answered the question, “Do you assist churches with church pews?” with an answer something like this, “Not right now!  We find the majority of churches prefer individual chairs or theater seats and so we have chosen to focus in those areas when it comes to church seating.”

Now though, we have a different answer!  It goes like this, “Yes, we now are helping churches save money on church pews as we have for years with all other types of church seating.”  We have researched all the options available to churches today and have settled on what pews we would purchase for our own churches if we were ever to install church pews.  As with all products, there are various levels of comfort, quality, customer service after the sale and pricing.  But as with all products, there is one that invariably becomes our choice for overall best value for churches today.  And we can help you save dollars on them!

So, are you considering church pews for your church?  We’d love to hear from you so please contact us.  Our ability to save you dollars increases when you contact us first.  We’ll explain that when you call.  Blessings!