Church Consumer’s Report: The Best Church Chair Value

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Chuch Chair Clearance - 7701 from ComfortekWhich Church Chair is the Best Overall Value for your Church?

Yesterday a pastor called from Georgia needing about 200 Church Worship Chairs.  He said he had spent the past two weeks researching this potential purchase and his mind was now overloaded with companies and models and selling points and online reviews and so on.  A friend had told him about Church Furniture Partner so he decided to give us a call.

For the next 45 minutes we spent time discussing church chairs.  Since as a company we can provide church chairs from nearly every church chair manufacturer, distributor and importer, there were few chairs that he had investigated that we were not able to provide him some pros and cons regarding.  As he kept asking questions it was obvious he had indeed spent a great amount of time and effort pursuing this purchase, but at the same time had not reached any sort of decision and perhaps was even more confused after two weeks of research than when he had begun his search.

Finally he asked us, “What is your recommendation as the best church chair value for our church?”  We provided a direct answer to his direct question.

Later as we wrapped up our conversation he said this, “I am so glad I called!  I learned far more in 45 minutes than I had discovered in two weeks of effort.  And I never felt the slightest pressure to purchase church chairs from you!”

While we expect this church to soon purchase the church chairs we recommended (and at the lowest price in the country), we were more gratified that he had felt respected, not pressured, and far better informed after our conversation.  That’s a response we hear often and one that is a goal of our ministry to save churches money on all their church furnishings.  If we can help your church make sense of the clutter in any area of church furnishings, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to help!