ScreenFlex Portable & Freestanding Partitions and Room Dividers

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ScreenFlex Portable Room Dividers have been used by churches for the past quarter century.  In 1987 we began what would be the first of several building projects at New Hope Community Church.  Later in 1989, which coincidentally is when ScreenFlex was founded as a company, we purchased our first ScreenFlex Portable Room Dividers to assist us in maximizing that new space.  And today those same portable dividers are still in great condition and able to be used in multiple environments as needed.

While the company has grown a lot over the past quarter century and its product offerings have as well, there are really two primary portable divider lines that churches need to be aware of, the Standard or Universal Line, and then also the enhanced Commercial Edition ScreenFlex Line of Portable Dividers.  Both are fine products, but churches should know that both lines are available to them.

The Standard or Universal Line is what you will find online at various dealers/distributors.  Because it is lowest in price it makes sense that it will be advertised the most.  The Commercial Line is available from sources like Church Furniture Partner.  The Commercial Line adds several features such as a lifetime warranty, powder-coated metal trim, upgraded fabric choices, etc.  We make it our goal to help churches through our ministry acquire the Commercial Line at a comparable cost to the Standard Line.

Please contact us for information.  We’d love to help you obtain the Commercial Line of ScreenFlex Portable Dividers for your church at no additional cost!