A True Story About Saving Money on Church Chairs!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Church Chair Pricing - Discount Church Chairs?Our phone at Church Furniture Partner buzzed during a day last week like it does regularly.  One of our team members answered and on the other end of the line was a woman who had some questions about a quote she said we had sent her for 200 chairs from one of our manufacturers.  We gladly offered to do our best to answer her questions about the quote she believed we had sent her.

After a few minutes it became apparent to our team member that this woman was confused about who had actually sent her the quote.  It was clear to our team member the quote she had on those 200 chairs was from another church chair dealer.  But since we have access to nearly every church chair line available today, including the one this woman had a quote for, our team member did her best to answer the questions this woman was struggling with.

Well, at some point in the conversation it became clear to this woman that she did not actually have a quote from us on those same chairs.  She asked our team member if was possible to obtain one.  In a few minutes she had a quote on the identical chairs in the same quantity, the same fabric, the same time-frame and from the same warehouse including shipping.  She was stunned!  Our quote was for $7900.00 and the other quote she already possessed she shared with us was for $10,040.00.  She was so glad she had called and could not wait to report to her church chair committee that they were going to save over $2,000.00 for their church!

Our ministry at Church Furniture Partner exists to provide your church with savings on all your church furniture needs!  Because of our almost non-existent overhead as a company and our level of purchasing power, it is rare that we cannot do so on “apples to apples” products.  We regularly are able to exactly what have shared her for churches across the country.  Sometimes we hear about what churches spent on furnishings too late to help them save.  But we are always so fulfilled when stories like the above have such a happy ending!  If you would like us to assist your church in saving money on any and all church furnishings, please be sure and contact us!