Gentner 930-402-001 Assisted Listening System – Ratings & Reviews

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4-Receiver Assisted Listening System

Assisted Listening System

Bottom Line:  The 930-402-001 Assisted Listening System from Gentner is a very affordable and quality ALS for any church!

Pros:  Meets all ADA requirements, affordable, licensed Aphex Aural Exiter DSP is built in for Dynamic EQ adjustment, sibilance can be added at the touch of a knob, optimized for hearing impaired application bands.  

Cons:  As with all electronics, there will be a brief learning curve as you integrate your first assisted listening system.

This Gentner ALS System provides all a church needs to be sensitive to the needs of the hearing impaired.  The system comes complete with a transmitter, digital receivers, and a rack mount kit.  But just as important is the ease of installation and ability to be up and running quickly.  Gentner provides great customer support though if it should be needed.

The 930-402-001 can be expanded as needs would develop for more usage.  You can expect this system to operate well for many years and maintenance has proven to be almost non-existent.  The Gentner ALS line is an excellent choice for any church.

Our rating for the Gentner 930-402-001 Assisted Listening System:  4.85 out of 5

If you have experience with the 930-402-001 from Gentner then please take a few seconds to rate it above.  You may also leave your comments on the system in the comment section below.  Your input will help other churches make the right choice when it comes to buying ALS (Assisted Listening Systems).