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Apex Church Chair Review

Apex Chair Review

Bottom Line:  The Apex church chair from Uniflex is a high quality and amazingly comfortable chair that will last your church a lifetime.

Pros:  Lifetime warranty, high quality foam, uni-body construction, hideaway ganging device, domestically produced, durable metal finish and a wide range of custom accessories.

Cons:  More expensive than most metal frame chairs on the market.

The Uniflex Apex stands out in the arena of church chairs.  We have seen churches line up sample chairs from several manufacturers with no pricing and verbiage on them, and if the Apex is one of the samples, the Apex will be chosen overwhelmingly as comfort and style is evaluated by the testers.  Of course, a chair of this quality will also mean a higher price point that you must consider as well.

The Apex features unibody construction meaning the seat and the back are all one piece.  The Apex’s dual density foam is outstanding in the comfort it provides and fabric and frame finish choices are numerous.  And the Apex features a legitimate lifetime warranty.

If your church is in the market for the finest metal frame chair available, you will need to make sure to consider the Apex.  While more costly than its competition, it does deliver tremendously on quality and comfort!

Our rating for the Uniflex Apex Church Chair:  4.6 out of 5

If you have experience with the Apex church chair from Uniflex then please take a few seconds to rate it above.  You may also leave your comments on the chair in the comment section below.  Your input will help other churches make the right choice when it comes to buying worship seating.