Church Websites for $10… Interested?

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Get Churchy for $10Save Your Church Money (SYCM) would like to introduce a new partner today, Church Ten.  And when we say SYCM would like to introduce us, we really mean we’d like to introduce ourselves as we – Church Ten – are the ones who are writing this…

Anyway, enough of the introductions.  Church Ten is here to bring some coolness to your church for only $10.  “Like what” you say?  Well, from the title of this article you can probably successfully guess that WEBSITES are one of the things we offer to churches for only $10.  Yes, you read that correctly – websites for churches for just $10.

We’re not talking about the junky “free” ad-ridden websites you can find elsewhere.  We’re talking a serious, usable, church website with all the fixins for just $10.  And, if you don’t have a logo for your church, we’ll even design one of those for, you guessed it, $10.

So come take a peek over at Church Ten today, we’re more than willing to do a bunch of different “stuff” for ten bucks!  So, even if you don’t need a website for your church, ministry, Christian band, or right knee – there is probably something you can find for us to do to get $10 out of ya!  Oh, and if you have a friend who needs a $10 website, send them our way…  Don’t be shy!