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Hercules Church Chair - Reviews & Ratings

The Hercules Church Chair

Bottom Line:  If price is the most important factor then the Hercules chair is hard to beat; but there are better quality church chairs.

Pros:  Inexpensive to ship, low cost, card pocket included.

Cons:  Assembly required, wood screws used, poor lateral stability, flimsy appearance, 18.5″ seat (depending on model).

There is no doubt that finding such a low-cost church chair can be exciting.  And the Hercules church chair does come with a card pocket – an option other chairs may only included as an cost-added upgrade.  However, the excitement of being able to purchase the number of chairs your church needs (and come in under budget) can quickly end when the process of putting the chairs together begins.

It our testing, each Hercules church chair took two men 6-minutes to assemble.  This means 12 “man minutes” per chair or 20 hours per 100 chairs.  This can create a quality-consistency problem; the chairs assembled at the end of the day might be assembled with less patience and care!

Once assembled the chair looks very similar to many other church chairs on the market with the exception of the frame which looks “flimsy” for lack of a better word.  The chair itself does not offer much lateral stability, if you sit on it and wiggle your rump a bit the chair might start to wiggle with you.  We also note the use of wood screws to hold the frame of  the chair to the back.  Wood screws work their way out over time and are not recommended for chair assembly, though they are sometimes used because of their lower cost to the manufacturer.

Overall, if you have one criteria that matters for your church – BUDGET – the Hercules chair is about as low cost as you can get.

Our rating for the Hercules Church Chair:  3 out of 5

If you have experience with the Hercules church chair then please take a few seconds to rate it above.  You may also leave your comments on the chair in the comment section below.  Your input will help other churches make the right choice when it comes to buying worship seating.