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Church Nursery Paging Systems at the Best Prices!

Jennifer did her research well!  After her church administrative board approved the concept of a church nursery pager system for the children’s ministry she oversees, Jennifer dove into researching the various lines of systems available to her church!  She talked to churches about their experiences with their own church nursery paging systems; she scoured the Internet for reviews of the various systems available; and she spoke with numerous manufacturers who provide various levels and varieties of this type of specialty equipment.

What was the outcome of Jennifer’s extensive and prudent church nursery pager research?  She relayed two primary conclusions she had reached:

  • First, Jennifer determined that the Freedom TX-7460 Freedom Transmitter was the easiest to use for her nursery staff and yet had the greatest number of features and the farthest range of use.

At Church Nursery Pagers for Less, we know there are many more “Jennifers” who would love to save dollars on their own church nursery paging system.  We look forward to helping you do just that!


  1. We are seeking a new paging system, writing a grant for it and need a price on 3 transmitters and 100 pagers – thanks!

  2. Need advice. We have a single nursery room about 75 feet from sanctuary. We would need 5 pagers to start. How many transmiters?

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