Going! Going! Gone! Used Church Chairs! The TRUTH!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

At Church Furniture Partner, we often have the privilege of assisting a church in saving dollars on all their church seating needs.   Since we work with nearly every church chair manufacturer and commercial chair manufacturer in the country, and because of our diligent adherence to our Core Values, we’re able as a part of our ministry effort to save churches significant dollars on their church seating requirements.

And many times, we’re able to save churches even more dollars through providing them with “used” or “clearance” chairs.  These savings opportunities tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Clearance Church Chairs:  Every so often, almost every chair manufacturer will offer some sort of “clearance” sale.  They will notify us that they are offering certain chairs in certain quantities with an additional discount for a limited period of time.  The causes for this can be such reasons as overstocks, model changeover, or just a sales decision.  But the reality is this is a GREAT time for your church to save some money on brand new chairs!  The savings may not be HUGE, but they can be significant.  And because these chairs are going to be located in the manufacturer’s warehouse, shipping options will be the same as with new chairs.
  • Loaner Church Chairs:  Another opportunity for a church to save dollars on “used” church chairs does not come along as often, but when it does, we often see these opportunities gobbled up quickly.  What happens is sometimes a church will place a large order for custom church chairs, but there will not be enough time allowed to manufacturer these chairs before the church needs them.  To assist the church, we will arrange for them to utilize “loaner” chairs from the manufacturer.  These chairs will be basic in design and serve as substitute seating for the church for a few weeks.  When the church receives their new church chairs, we then work to find a new home for these slightly used chairs.  These church chairs are like new, the colors are in style, and yet we can discount them several dollars while still honoring a full warranty.  Geography can become an issue if we try to sell the chairs in the area of the church that has used them.  Sometimes though we will return the chairs to the warehouse and then shipping can be arranged more nationally.
  • Really Used Church Chairs:  Then of course there are time we simply help churches find a new home for their church chairs that may have been used two decades or more.  With these chairs, some will be in great shape and some will not.  Most will be quite out of current design in terms of fabrics and finishes.  Often these used chairs will be wood frames, which were once very common, versus the far more common metal frames of our day.  And almost always geography will be a factor in finding a new home for these chairs.  The ability to package and transport will be a major hurdle logistically and financially based on the distance involved.  The reality is with really used church chairs, while they can be available at times at great savings, the ability to match these well into your facility is minimal.

At Church Furniture Partner, we list some of our Clearance, Loaner and Used Chairs in our Special Offers Section of Church Furniture Partner.  We are not able to list them all because of the ever-changing nature of availability.  The reality is that in many instances these chairs are a going, going, and GONE scenario.  But please contact us as we may have just the chair you need available, but simply do not have it listed!