Honda Accords and Quality Church Chairs

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

It happened again this afternoon!  A church contacted us in need of a couple of hundred chairs for their worship environment.  We walked with them through our process of learning what chairs would work best for their particular need.  Once we determined what style of chairs would work best, we then discussed different quality levels of chairs a church can purchase within that style.  And after a good amount of exploration, we were asked to prepare a sales quote and send it to the church.  We were pleased to do so!

So what does this story have to do with Honda Accords!  Well, many car-shoppers will visit Honda dealerships.  Some will be interested in Honda Accords.  Others will have their focus on Honda Civics.  When they receive a quote on a Honda Accord they can then take that quote and see if another dealership will perhaps sell them a Honda Accord for a lower price.  If they receive a quote on a Honda Civic, likewise they can follow the same process.  If they desire a Honda Accord, their goal is to obtain the lowest price they can on a Honda Accord.  If their wish is to purchase a Honda Civic, their efforts are in finding the lowest price they can on a Honda Civic.  This process is a very reasonable and time-tested one!

One thing is certain though, they cannot expect to purchase a new Honda Accord for the price of a new Honda Civic.  These are two different models with two very different sets of features and amenities.  While both are good cars, they are still apples and oranges.

Well, back to church chairs!  At Church Furniture Partner, we can provide you the best pricing possible on church chairs from a variety of manufacturers.  Most of the time we’re able to offer the identical chairs for several dollars per chair less than other dealers because of our low overhead, buying power and ministry emphasis.  When we’re quoting chairs apples to apples, we WILL save your church money.

But one thing we cannot do is sell Honda Accords for the same price as Honda Civics, or in our case, quality church chairs with great features for the same prices as entry-level chairs with few features.  That is an apples to oranges comparison.  Take a look at some of our church furniture pricing comparisons and you can see how we’re able to save your church money!  We want to do so with church chairs as well!  Please contact us and let’s work on doing so together!