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Solving the Church Theater Seating Dilemma

The Dilemma:  Your church wants to install fixed theater seating in its new facility but you face the same choice churches have faced for many years with this desire.  You can either purchase foreign-produced and lower quality theater seating that is short-term friendlier to your church  budget, or you can purchase domestically-produced and higher quality theater seating that is less friendly to your church budget.  Sadly this has been the either/or decision churches have wrestled with for many years!

The Solution:  Your church now has a third optionGreystone Seating is 100% domestically-produced which results in a high quality fixed/theater seating line of products.  However, at the same time Greystone has a pricing structure very favorable to your church budget and comparable to the price-points of imported lines.  This “best-of-both-worlds” alternative has resulted in Greystone Seating becoming a Save Your Church Money Best Value!

If your church is considering a fixed/theater seating installation, you’ll want to check out Greystone Seating!  And by using the contact form here, you’ll be benefit from a special Save Your Church Money discount!  You’ll be glad you did!