What is the value of using a Children’s Check-in System?

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This question is asked by various leaders in churches with 20 to 200 kids checking in?

The answer covers a number of topics but the single most important reason is added security.    We’ve observed that the key components to a secure children’s check-in system include family registration; a check-in system which provides name tags for the kids and receipt for the parents; a good set of processes that spell out the steps when the child is handed-off and picked-up; and great, always watchful oversight.

Sunago affordable Touch/Children Check-in Module provides the following capabilities in an effort to improve Sunday School Security and the overall drop-off and pick-up Parent/Staff/Volunteer Experience:

  • Pre-registration to include the collection of key child information (allergies, special needs, emergency information).  Members can log-in to maintain their family profiles.
  • A better experience with fast check-In that includes
    • Identification
    • Printing of name-tags and receipts
    • Printing of guest name-tags and receipts
    • Adding Pager Numbers should the parents need to be contacted
    • More time for the staff to interface with parents
    • Printing of class rosters
    • The ability to create special tracks Sunday School qualification
    • The ability to track children attendance
    • Inexpensive implementation options – Sunago recently added a streamlined Mac/PC check-in capability as many of our customers simply could not afford kiosks and/or scanners.
    • Full integration into Sunago’s other Modules – CORE (for leaders and staff), Community (for members) and Giving Administration (for leaders, staff, & members)

Today, we are providing a cost effective Children’s Check-in capability to a number of churches where Sunday school attendance runs from 20 to over 200.

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