Foundations National Crib Sale for Church Nursery and Daycare Use

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For the next 45 days we’re thrilled to be able to offer you the finest church nursery cribs and daycare cribs at our best prices ever through the Foundations National Crib Sale.  As the final weeks of 2012 count down, so does the time remaining for daycares and church nurseries to upgrade your cribs to comply with new government crib safety standards.  Since this can be a significant financial investment for your organization, the combination of the Foundations National Crib Sale and the ministry of Church Furniture Partner can certainly help lessen that impact!

During the next 45 days, pricing on several of our Foundations Cribs will be at their lowest points in a decade.  These include our SafetyCraft Compact Fixed Side Cribs, our Serenity Compact Fixed Side Cribs, our Biltmore Compact SafeReach Cribs, our First Responder Evacuation System, our solid wood folding cribs, and even our Portable Play Yard Style Cribs.  The model numbers are too numerous to list here but do include the especially popular 1732040 and 1732120.

As you work to upgrade your environments to these new standards, we know that by contacting us we will be able to save you dollars.  We hope that you will do so!  And don’t forget, these prices expire 11-30-2012!