Correll Folding Tables Blowout!

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R60, R3096, R3072, CP60, CP3096, and CP3072 Correll Folding Tables and many other models at our lowest-ever prices!

This fall Church Furniture Partner has set a goal of exceeding our sales record of Correll Tables.  To do so, we’re offering these tables at the lowest prices ever.  For example, the R60 (60″ Diameter Round Table) is just $299.99 each.  We encourage you to try to find another online source that has pricing even remotely close!  We’re confident you will not be able to do so!  Pricing on many other popular Correll Folding Tables Models will provide you very similar blowout savings!

This special pricing is for a limited time only!  Please contact us for a quote on all your Correll Folding Table needs!  Let us help save your church money!