Finding the Right Toddlers Table for Your Church

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Since the original Toddlers Table was created for church nurseries several years ago, many variations of the toddler table concept have been produced by other manufacturers.  At Toddler Tables Net, we have several manufacturers desiring us to market their particular rendition of the toddler table to the church community.  But while we can do so and occasionally have done so when a church has insisted, our recommendation to churches is that the original toddler table is still the best and the right one for your church.  Here are some important points to remember:

  • Toddler Tables come in a plethora of sizes for your church.  A table can hold from one child up to eight children.
  • Toddler Tables have two height choices (i.e. 14″ or 27″).
  • Toddler Tables are constructed with great quality and very durable 1 1/8th inch laminate tops.
  • Toddler Tables are built with bent tubular legs which provide additional strength and support.
  • Toddler Tables incorporate removable poly seats that are very easily cleaned and will support children up to 30 pounds in weight safely.
  • Toddler Tables are superb for teaching times, feeding times, and for other activities that will take place in your church nursery.

At Toddler Tables Net, we feature the entire line of Toddler Tables and always at the best prices for churches.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or you can shop online if you prefer.  We’d love to help your church save money on all your Toddler Tables!