Price Check: Discount School Supply vs. Church Furniture Partner

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Over the past year we have provided specific examples of how your organization can save substantial dollars on all your furnishing purchases by working with Church Furniture Partner.  Our case studies comparing our pricing on various furnishings, “apples to apples” , offered by giants like Bizchair, School Outfitters, and Worthington Direct have demonstrated this vividly.  With that in mind, here’s another case study we carried out on August 25, 2012 with the prominent vendor, Discount School Supply.

As with our other case studies, we chose three items from the Discount School Supply website that are also featured on the Church Furniture Partner Website.  What follows are the results of our sampling.  Let’s see where the “real discounts” are found!

  • First, let’s start with the SWP1039S Changing Table with Slide-Out Steps from Steffy Wood Products.  This quality product is being offered by Church Furniture Partner for $514.00.  Add $72.00 shipping costs to our test location, and Church Furniture Partner will deliver this product in a quantity of one for a total of $586.00.  Now let’s compare pricing on this item from the Discount School Supply website.  This changing table is available for $693.09 and the shipping calculator that Discount School Supply provides states it will cost $103.96 to deliver this unit to the same location for a total cost of $797.05.  This means that if you purchased this product from Church Furniture Partner versus Discount School Supply, you would save an amazing $211.05! 
  •  Well, let’s move on to some children’s chairs, specifically the Jonti-Craft 12″ Berries Series with matching painted legs.  Church Furniture Partner has these listed on their website for $21.97 each.  Discount School Supply has the same chair listed for $31.99 each.  For 50 of these chairs, your cost from Church Furniture Partner would be $1098.50 plus $178.00 shipping for a total of $1,276.50.  If you chose to purchase these same chairs from Discount School Supply, your cost from their website would be $1,599.50 plus $240.00 shipping for a total of $1,839.50.  How does a savings on these 50 chairs of $563.00 sound?  Church Furniture Partner once again provides a huge savings!
  • For our third item, we chose the WB9504 “I See Me” Infant Crib from Whitney Brothers.  Church Furniture Partner has this crib listed on their website for $249.00 each.  Discount School Supply’s website price is $369.95 each.  We chose a quantity of five cribs for our test purchase.  Church Furniture Partner would provide your church five of these cribs for $1245.00 plus $169.50 shipping for a total of $1414.50.  But to obtain the same cribs through Discount School Supply, their website says it will cost you $1849.75 for the cribs plus $277.45 for shipping for a total of $2,127.20!  That means on these five identical cribs, you could save $712.70 by simply purchasing these from Church Furniture Partner versus Discount School Supply.

We encourage you to check out our research and even choose other items to compare.  We continue to be affirmed in our confidence that we can save your organization significant dollars on your furnishing purchases.  To keep our costs low, we do not list the thousands of products on our website we routinely save our customers dollars on.  Simply contact us though and we’ll quote the furnishings you need at prices you can afford!