6 Seat Toddler Table for $386 at Toddler Tables Net!

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6-Seat Toddler Table from Toddler Tables Net

At Toddler Tables Net, our team is featuring the Six (6) Seat Toddler Table for just $386.   This is the most popular size of toddler tables.  And as is our practice at Toddler Tables Net, we are pricing this great table well below what our competition does.  As we wrote this copy on August 26, 2012, we scoured the web for pricing on this IDENTICAL table from others who provide the same table.  Here are just a few examples of what we found.  Remember, we’re featuring this table for $386 plus shipping.

  • Bizchair – $683.99 with free shipping
  • School Outfitters – $458.99 plus shipping
  • Hertz Furniture – $459.00 plus shipping
  • Worthington Direct – $474.95 plus shipping
  • Amazon – $489.95 plus shipping
  • School Outlet – $427.45 plus shipping

This list could go on and on, but we’re confident you can see how much you can save by purchasing your Toddler Tables from Toddler Tables Net.  Please contact us for more information or simply purchase from our website.  As a part of the Save Your Church Money Network, we love saving you dollars on these great tables!