Greystone Theater Seating and Save Your Church Money

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Finally, the Save Your Church Money Network can confidently endorse a church theater seating solution for churches!  What’s the reason for this change in policy?  The answer is simple! It’s because of the rebirth of Greystone Seating!  Here’s a little background to provide you some context for this exciting development!

During the past decade or so, as churches would contact SYCM about fixed theater seating solutions for their facility, SYCM would invariably face one of two choices:

  • They could point the church to a very high quality product theater seat that SYCM could save churches dollars on.  However, though SYCM could provide this particular seating solution to churches at a significant savings from normal pricing levels, the price for this product was still more than churches normally wanted to spend.  Invariably churches would love the quality of this theater seat, but shy away from the price.
  • Or SYCM could refer churches to theater seat manufacturers that had significantly lower price-points, but unfortunately far less quality.  George Kreger of Save Your Church Money has shared on this site before of being contacted by various manufacturers of this level of theater seat with an open invitation to represent their product lines.  And in each case, George chose not to represent them because he was not comfortable with their quality level.

Now there is a “best of both worlds” solution for churches across the country, Greystone Seating.  Greystone’s entire line of fixed theater seating is produced 100% in the United States.  Their manufacturing plant is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a historic location for quality furnishings production.  And Greystone’s quality church theater seating line, the Harmony, is priced to compete with the low quality lines that SYCM chose to shy away from over the years.  George is very pleased to finally have a theater seating line he can endorse to churches to save them dollars on!

We’d love to come alongside your church as you consider theater seating.  We invited you to contact us.  And by doing so through Save Your Church Money, you’ll receive a special SYCM discount!  We look forward to working with your church!