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OnlineEEI.com Joins Save Your Church Money

OnlineEEI is glad to join the Save Your Church Money (SYCM) Network and we’re excited to make an exclusive savings offer to all SYCM churches…  Use the promo code (also called a coupon code) “SYCM14” for an additional 5% off your pipe & drape order…

What is Pipe & Drape?  How Can it Benefit My Church?

For decades, Pipe and Drape systems have provided a simple and inexpensive solution for creating temporary walls and backdrops in the event industry.  In recent years, this trade show ‘secret’ has expanded in popularity to everywhere from houses of worship, to portable churches, to schools and universities.  From dividing rooms, to masking unsightly areas, to creating temporary dressing or privacy areas, virtually any church can benefit from an elegant pipe and drape system.

Essentially, the system is made up of lightweight yet durable aluminum piping holding up drapery with a rod pocket.  The aluminum uprights stand on steel base plates (which provide stability), and come in two varieties- fixed height (most commonly eight feet tall), or adjustable height (can be set anywhere in a range of heights, for instance between seven feet and twelve feet).  The drapes slide across a crossbar (which can be adjusted in width),  that hooks into the tops of the uprights.  Drapery is made to match the height of the pipe, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors appropriate for many applications, and it is important that all fabrics meet the proper flame resistance (F/R) certifications.

Best of all, Pipe and Drape is modular, meaning sections can hook into each other to create longer runs (to divide a large room for instance) and can even turn corners!  The system can be set up and taken down in minutes, and requires no tools.  At OnlineEEI, we have packaged together several kits (onlineeei.com/drapes.cfm) that include everything you need for the most common pipe and drape configurations.  This takes the guess work out of purchasing.

OnlineEEI.com has over thirty years of experience in the pipe and drape and event industry, and is always eager to  share our knowledge with your church.  Please contact us (sales@onlineeei.com) for more information, or for help constructing just the right configuration!  Remember to use the promo code “SYCM14” for an additional 5% off your entire purchase.