Assisted Listening Devices Increasing in Churches

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People come to church expecting to be able to see and to hear.  That’s a simple truth but one worth repeating again.

For those with vision issues, normally caring for those issues can be handled on an individual basis by the attendee.  Most churches have an open line of sight to what is taking place on the stage.  And most attendees through the use of eyeglasses, contacts, “lasik” surgery or other solutions are able to handle any issues with their vision themselves.  They do not really expect the church to do so for them.

But for those with hearing issues, the reality is much different.  The attendee may have the very best hearing aids available, but in a large crowd, with lots of ambient noise, those hearing aids can be rendered useless.  The attendee is present to hear the spoken word, but may only see lips moving.

What’s the solution?  Today Assisted Listening Systems (ALS) are becoming more and more an absolute for churches.  The attendee is able to pick up a small receiver from the church sound booth (about the size of a cellphone), clip it on their belt, and then use the earpiece attached to it to receive a clear feed of the music and speaking that takes place in the service.  Attendees who have felt very detached from the service experience the ability to be fully involved.

Assisted Listening for Churches is always gratified to see the above scenario happen for churches across the country.  We’d love to help your church put in place your first ALS for your people.  Please contact us for more information or feel free to shop on our website for the best system around!