Toddler Tables for Your Church Nursery

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4-Seat Toddler Table

Toddler Table in Action

A Toddler Table will make a great addition to any church nursery!  These tables allow children to be seated safely and comfortably in an environment that allows them at the same time to interact with one another. And as a church nursery worker, your ability to care for and watch over your precious charges is only enhanced.  You’ll love how a Toddler Table changes the entire dynamic of your church nursery!

Toddler Tables are designed for children that weigh up to 30 pounds.  Since about 90% of children who are around two years of age or younger weigh less than this, toddler tables will accommodate almost all children.

We’d love to help your church with their first Toddler Table.  One of our church customers bought their first one two weeks ago and now they have already ordered another.  That’s typical of how these tables are embraced by church nurseries across the country.

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