Price Check Comparsion: Bizchair and Church Furniture Partner

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Over the past couple of months we have shared “Price Comparisons” with you between Church Furniture Partner and some major dealers in the school and church furnishings market.  We’ve taken a look at what it would cost you as a customer to purchase specific items from companies like Worthington Direct and School Outfitters and then what you would save by purchasing those EXACT SAME ITEMS from Church Furniture Partner.  The savings have been amazing!

This month we’ll do the same with another major national player in the school and church furnishings market, that being Bizchair.  Let’s see what can be saved on identical furnishings when purchased from Church Furniture Partner instead of Bizchair.

  • The first item we’ll look at is a church chair.  Bizchair features a line of church chairs named Hercules.  There are many different fabrics for these chairs but pricing is similar between colors.  For our study we picked a very popular color, burgundy.  Bizchair features the 18:5″ wide XU-CH-60096-BYXY56-GG church chair for $32.49 each if you purchase 200 of them.  Bizchair does not charge for shipping at this quantity, so your cost for 200 of these chairs delivered would be a total of $6498.00.  Church Furniture Partner can provide this same chair to you at a cost of $27.89 a chair for 200 chairs.  Church Furniture Partner’s shipping charge on these chairs would be $510.94 for a total of $6088.94.  That’s a savings on these 200 chairs of $409.06 by purchasing them from Church Furniture Partner.  So much for free shipping!


  • The second item we’ll compare is the very popular R60 Folding Table from Correll Industries.  This blow-mold folding table is one of just a few produced in the United States and it is very popular in the school and church market.  At Church Furniture Partner we feature this table for $156.99 per table.  Shipping then is calculated based on the number of tables and the shipping location.   Bizchair’s price for this table on their website was $186.99 on the day we checked.   Shipping according to our inquiry would add $158.72 to those ten tables.  So for ten of the R60 folding table from Bizchair, your cost would be $2028.62.  And from Church Furniture Partner our delivered price on those ten tables to very same location is going to cost you $1814.90.  Again there’s a savings with Church Furniture Partner, this time amounting to $213.72!


  • How about a third item?  The Trans-fold line of portable staging from Midwest Folding Products is another very popular product and therefore a great one for price comparison.  Let’s use the Model T4808C from Midwest which is simply a 4′ x 8′ section of Trans-fold Staging that is 8″ High and has a carpeted surface.  Church Furniture Partner will provide this to you for $479.00 per section.  On the Bizchair website, this same section will cost you $594.98.  If you purchase 6 sections of this model of staging from Bizchair, your cost according to their website and our inquiry including shipping would be $3718.99.  And from Church Furniture Partner your delivered cost would be $3053.00.  That’s a spectacular savings of $655.99 on just six sections of staging!


At Church Furniture Partner we are committed to having very little in the way of “overhead” or operating costs.  As we continue to grow as a company and provide thousands of furnishing products to churches and schools, we will continue to operate in the same manner so we can always save your organization dollars.  Please contact us for all of your furnishing needs.  We look forward to serving you!