Correll R60 Folding Tables On Sale at Church Furniture Parter

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One of our favorite tables we provide to churches and other organizations is the Correll R60.  This 60″ diameter table seats seven to eight people around it.  While it is a blow-mold table, it is unique in that it is manufactured in the United States.

The typical blow-mold table is manufactured overseas and imported into our country at different quality levels.  There are residential levels of these tables that you will find at warehouse clubs and hardware stores.  There are also commercial grade levels of these tables available from various dealers around the country.  But regardless of whether these tables are residential or commercial grade, the appearance is basically the same.  You have a flat piece of speckled white/gray blow-mold that has a two-inch wide side edge.  Then you have a (normally gray) metal undercarriage and legs.

The Correll R60 is definitely a commercial grade table.  It features a very significant level of undercarriage strength and bracing.  But what also really sets the R60 apart from the all other blow-mold tables is its appearance.  It is available in two color combinations. One is a solid gray top with black legs.  The other is is a mocha brown top with brown legs.  In addition though to this great enhancement in appearance through finishes, the Correll R60 also has a profiled edge instead of the two-inch wide flat side edge.  This feature really shows well and also allows the R60 to accept table skirting.

At Church Furniture Partner we love to showcase products we believe in like the R60 and also enjoy making them available to churches at the best prices in the country.  We are offering the R60 in any quantity for $156.99 each plus shipping and for any quantity over 50 are able to provide even lower pricing.  Please be sure and contact us for more information!