Church Nursery Pagers: Battery-Operated or Rechargable?

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Some Church Nursery Pagers in our day require you to regularly replace batteries.  Others though, like our best value Nursery Paging System at Church Nursery Pagers For Less, use a rechargeable NiMH that comes with a lifetime warranty.  Not only does this eliminate the need to constantly be changing batteries, it also eliminates the expense of keeping extra batteries available.

Our experience also has been that pagers operated with batteries tend to be more expensive over time and often will require a higher level of maintenance.  But when rechargeable pagers are purchased, you experience only a one-time expense and then ongoing savings from that point on.

Here’s a great tool to help you compare the cost between battery operated church nursery pagers and rechargeable church nursery pagers.  Couple this ongoing expense with the low, low prices of Church Nursery Pagers For Less, and your church will be saving money.  We’d love to hear from you soon for all your Church Nursery Paging Needs!