Price Comparison Review: School Outfitters vs. Church Furniture Partner

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School Outfitters vs. Church Furniture Partner

Last month we published our first “Price Comparison” article in which we compared our pricing at Church Furniture Partner against that of Worthington Direct on three very popular products that both of our companies provide to churches and schools.  While we suspected that our insistence at Church Furniture Partner on very low operating costs along with our heart for churches would result in much lower pricing, we were still surprised by the level of savings we were able to provide.  You can see those for yourself here.

This month we’re repeating the price comparison test with another major web presence, School Outfitters.  We’ll use one of the same items we used last month with Worthington Direct, but also introduce two new items to add to the veracity of our sample data.

  • The first item we’ll compare pricing on is the R60 Folding Table from Correll Incorporated.  The R60 is a blow-mold table that is produced in the USA and is very popular with many churches.  At Church Furniture Partner our everyday price for this table is $156.99 each with shipping additional.  At School Outfitters the R60 is sold for $203.99 each.  Shipping according to their site will add $169.89.  That makes the price for 10 of the R60 tables including delivery a total of $2209.79.  At Church Furniture Partner, our everyday delivered price on ten of these tables to the same destination is $1814.90.  That’s a savings of $394.89 on just ten tables!
  • The second item is a new items this month we are comparing, the 9200 Series of stacking chairs from National Public Seating.  This chair can be configured with either vinyl or fabric upholstery.  From the website of School Outfitters we learned this chair will cost $33.99 each in either configuration.  On the Church Furniture Partner website you will find this chair available in either configuration for $29 each.  So for 50 chairs, the cost from School Outfitters would be $1699.50 while from Church Furniture Partner you would be paying $1450.00.  Shipping from the School Outfitters website adds $369.31 to the cost of those 50 chairs.  Church Furniture Partner is able to ship the same 50 chairs to the same destination for $238.98.  The end result is there is a savings of $379.83 for you on these 50 chairs by purchasing from Church Furniture Partner!
  • The third item we chose at random is portable staging from Midwest Folding Products.  We chose the Trans-fold T4808C which means it is 4′ x 8′ feet in dimension and 8″ high with a carpeted surface.  These units are featured for $534.99 each on the School Outfitters website.  At Church Furniture Partner our normal price is $479.00 each.  So for six of these you will pay $3209.94 plus $142.25 shipping from School Outfitters for a total delivered price of $3352.19.  And from Church Furniture Partner, again a savings can be realized as our total delivered price will be $3053.00.   One again Church Furniture Partner can provide a great savings, this time $299.19!

With thousands of products available to each our companies, it is always fun to see how we compare.  But that which brings us the greatest joy is saving your church money.  We hope you will contact us for all of your furnishing needs and save money for your organization!