Church Nursery Pagers & Church Nursery Security

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In our day, hopefully it goes without saying that every church nursery needs to have a well-rounded security policy in place.  There will be many facets and aspects to such a policy.  But one area to strongly consider as an augmentation for the nursery security policy of your church is the implementation of church nursery pagers.

Here is a helpful suggestion for the use of nursery pagers in your church nursery.  In order for your check-in and check-out process to be very easy and very safe, make sure your pagers are numbered and that the same number is a part of the “tag” or “sticker” you are using for the children in your nursery.  Then, before releasing any children, instruct your nursery workers on how to match the coding on each of your pagers with the assigned number for each child.  Do not release any children without such a numerical match-up being evident.

When we instituted this practice at the church I attend many years ago, there were times that attempts to pick-up children without the return of the pager took place.  But over time, parents and other family members have come to appreciate the diligence that is practiced in the releasing of children.  Now the entire process is part of a well-respected protocol.

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