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Used Church Chairs & Church Chair Clearance Sale


Here at Church Furniture Partner we’re privileged to have some of our manufacturers offer us the opportunity to assist them in clearing out some of their church chairs as well as occasional used church chairs (“loaners”) they may have.  Here are some special offers we have right now available at great pricing!

  • Here are some used SS-661 Church Chairs that were used for just a few weeks as loaner chairs while a church waited on their actual order.  These are a great deal for one or more churches!
  • We also have some SS-7711 Church Chairs with Cold-Cured Foam and Custom Fabric that are available at a great price simply because the order was canceled by the church after they had made a down payment.
  • Here’s are some more SS-7711 Church Chairs from a second canceled order.  And as before, these are a great opportunity for a lucky church somewhere!

We have other special offers available as well.  Feel free to contact us for more information!




  1. Iam looking for used chairs or used pews if anyone can help me locate chairs or pews that will be a blessing. we are trying to do some thing with our children , in a great need .

    1. I have 18 10ft. Pews and 3 5ft. Pews. I’d like to sale all for $1500.

      1. Our ministry just acquired a new church, we are looking for pews or padded chairs to furnish it for our parish.


        Decon Wardell Stewart

        1. I have 60 padded chairs and other items, clear Pulpit, large speakers and other items

          1. Please can you send me the pictures of them, this is Rev Isaac of Graceland Gospel Church Int’l

          2. Looking for pulpit furniture. Please email me more information.

          3. Please call me if church r available and other things as well

          4. Interested. How many chairs and where are you located please. Also, are they in good shape? Hopeharveststorehouse . ask for Carrie. Thank you

          5. Hello. I notice that your post was made a while ago. Do you have any of the chairs left?

          6. Hello! Can you tell me how much is the pulpit set of chairs? Also, can you send me pictures.

          7. I am interested…what color are the padded chairs? Can you send me pictures of chairs ?

          8. Do you still have the 60 chairs? If so, what ate you asking for them? A small church just getting started. Pastor Davis

          9. We are a very small church in Decatur, AR and we would love to make our sanctuary seating match. We have 3 colors and designs and would like to replace this with one color and design. Our budget is small and we are asking for your help to make this happen. We are also looking for a sound system that is in good working order, we have 3 guitars and a drum set on stage and a combination of 10 microphones.

      2. Sir,
        I would like to see your pew’s you have for sale, and the location. I am interested in 10 ft. Seating , what color are the pew’s. Please contact me
        Pastor Robert Brown
        870 South Perkins Road
        Columbus, MS 39705
        Phone: (662)328-7159

  2. Priscilla,

    Where are you located? It is always best if we can find something used in the same area of the country your church is in order to avoid shipping costs.

  3. I have church chairs And other equipement for cell, call 317 658 0918

    1. Praise the lord I’m Ernie and I’m looking. For a alter and church. Pull pit chairs please. Help me 502 8350040

  4. here central flotida and I need about 100 chairs for our church .. Call me @
    321 442-6740

  5. I have 2 nice royal blue short clean pews that I was using in my christian salon now i have down sized to a small christian Salon I have no need for the pews asking 100.00 for both can send you a picture thank you in klahoma city .

  6. We are a new ministry dedicated to/but not limited to bring our youths to Christ; We are looking for some chairs or pews to furnish our sanctuary. We don’t have much money but we are willing to do what we can for free or cheap items. We are even willing to pick them up. We are in the Middle Georgia area but our members are willing to travel in order to begin our ministry. Thank you & God bless!

    1. Chandra, we do hope your ministry goes well. Give one of our team a call at and we’ll do the best we can to help out your ministry.

  7. Greetings,
    We are a Church located in the Central Florida area and we are in desperate need for items such as, Church furniture, chairs, podium, sound equipment, etc. We just acquired a building and we are believing God for some great things.

    Please, if anyone is willing to donate items to our ministry, we are willing to accept. We can be reached at (800) 519-1981

    1. Please feel free to give us a call at 419-469-6411 and we will be happy to discuss some possible options with you. Thanks.

  8. Our church just bought a building and is being renovated for worship services. almost All the finances is tied up in the property, limited cash we need about fifty chairs.
    They can be at a reasonable clearance price or used or free, whatever the Lord’s will it will be accepted, can you help. thanks you with a favorable reply.
    michael Christian 954-254-9589; 954 486-9193

    1. Michael. Please give our team a call at (419) 469-6411 and we’ll be glad to discuss this with you.

  9. Looking for some church chairs 100-150 for sale in the Memphis, MS, Ar area.

    1. Jurice, please give our team a call at 419-769-6411 and we can talk about some possibilities.

  10. I have a used church pulpit for sale in Rhode Island. asking $225.00 as is or restored at $350.00

    1. Rick,

      We will pass along the information as we have opportunity.


  11. Hi, We are a small church finally moving into our own building after renting. Our funds are very limited, we need 150 or so chairs. We are in Milford Ohio, (near Cincinnati) Looking for church chairs we can afford is very difficult. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Colleen

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Please give one of our team a call at 419-769-6411 and let’s discuss how we can assist your church. Thanks.

  12. We have 13 pews in good condition willing to donate michigan area please call 586 588 0161 must come pich quickly

    1. Thanks Eugenia,

      We will pass that information along as we have opportunity.

  13. I am looking for about 75 – 100 padded church chairs. Preferably grey but open to other colors. 903-407-1654

  14. Our new church needs 50 padded chairs donated. We’re in In Central FL, Palm Coast, FL. Please consider us and we will arrange the pickup. Thank you. 386-585-5484 cell

    1. Charlene,

      Please give one of our team a call at 419.469-6411 and we will be glad to speak with you about options for your church. Thanks.

  15. Past and Recent flooding in Houston has severely damaged Our Church furniture. We are in need of 75 -100 padded chairs (maroon, Brugandy) for our Sanctuary. please call if you can help. 713-291-9360 or 713-649-2883

    1. Pastor,

      I encourage you to give one of our team a call at 419.469-6411 and we can explore options for your church. Thanks.

    1. Feel free to give Chris from our team a call at 419-469-6411 and we will be glad to talk about some options for your church. Thanks!

      1. Good day, I am the pastor Elkin Betancur am in the city of Orlando in 10188 Moss Rose Way, orlando fl. 32832. I have begun to plant a church in this area and I see the need chairs, instruments and everything possible so that people can be comfortable getting the word. Any help is received with love and God bless according to his promises and his word.

  16. just started a church in little rock, ar. I need 200 chairs. I am believing God for favor

    1. Hi Pastor! Please give Chris from our team a call at 419-469-6411 and we will be glad to discuss some options with you. Blessings!

  17. My name is Pastor Hines and we are a fairly new ministry getting ready to build. We are in need of sound equipment, microphones, drums and 125 to 150 chairs preferably green but willing to discuss other options. Our budget is low but we are willing to pay. We are believing God for favor in this request. Thanks and God Bless

    1. Hi Pastor! Feel free to give Chris from our team a call at 419-469-6411 and we will be glad to talk about some options for your church. Thanks!

  18. May the Lord bless you! Our church was destroying by a powerful earthquake 7.1 January 2010 in Haiti. we are in need to rebuild this church that has already started. Please donate…while visiting it @
    We are in Orlando as a reference 407-485-3246.

  19. We are a new church plant in Dayton, Ohio. We are entering a new place of worship and are in need of most things. Stackable chairs for worship, children’s chairs, sound equipment, staging, tables, preschool equipment.
    Our worship will be in a warehouse. Someone told me about piping and curtains that work great for making an area for worship. Thanks.

    1. Hi Pastor! Feel free to one of our team a call at 419-469-6411 and we will be glad to talk about some possibilities for your church. Take care!

  20. Is there anyone who can help a church with donations of General restoration of the building (labor and materials) including:
    Drywall and Hanging
    Plumbing repairs
    HVAC units
    Exterior work/gardening

    We also need chairs and flooring. Any help is well received. Thank you so much! The location of the church is 1801 Post Office Street, Galveston, TX 77550. GBY!

    1. Hello Raquel,

      We will certainly keep our ears and eyes open for possibilities for you. Our best on your ministry.


  21. Hi, we’re a growing church in Woburn, Massachussets. We’ve been desperately looking for affordable church chairs. Most resources have their chairs starting in the low $20’s. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    Pastor David.

  22. Hello this is Dorothy and Willie James at Witness Word of Faith Ministry and we are just starting to rebuild our ministry back up we are in need of about 100-150 chairs to begin our church service on august 2 2013 . We will truly appreciate if you can give us a reasonable price on those chairs because our finances aren’t together yet . May God bless you ! You can reach us at my email that I left above or you can call me at 225-371-1732

  23. que tal espero que esten vien yo soy pastor en houston y dentro de poco nos bamos a mudar a otro edificio estoy nececitando 300 sillas para el santuario cualquir informacion me puede llamar. 832 962 4659

  24. My church in Ohio has approximately 30 church pews 16 feet long with padded seat we need to remove. Call if you are interested call and leave a message 330-723-5435.

  25. Looking for 80 to 100 church chairs preferably in gray with the hymnal rack on back of each. Good used chairs for reasonable price ($25-28). Small church in jasper Alabama, email me.

    1. I am checking to see if the chairs are available and where are you located.My name is Dorothy and I can be reached at 832-889-9126. Thanks in advance for your help.

  26. We are a small Hispanic Church in Clanton, Alabama. We need 100 or 150 used chairs and some wireless microphones not too expensive but in good conditions.
    We accept donations if you can blessing us. Please Call me at 205 217 3240

  27. Hello!!! Blessings we are a church in need of chairs for our ministry, we are in the process of moving from one side to another. And we are asking for any help that can be given for changing lives ministries. located in Orlando florida. If anyone ca help please call me Gipsy Reyes at (407)952-3859. budget is limited need approximately 100-150 chairs. thank you and have a blessed day.

  28. We are network of Churches and heavily involved in planting Churches. We are looking to get discounted church/stack chairs and other church equipment to buy. we are not ruling out any donation

  29. I am helping a pastor search for 100-200 chairs, pulpit and tables for his church. He moved here in Houston form another state. And has a need for church items, what ever anyone can help with would be a blessing. Thanks in advance for your help, I can be reached at 832-889-9126.

  30. Hello,

    We are a new church plant and are in need of 100-200 church chairs. Our funds are low but willing to buy at a reasonable price. Our preference is purple, grey or black. We thank you in advance!

    God Bless,
    Pastor Nate
    Charlotte, NC

  31. Look for kids chairs for Sunday School class in are church ,Age 4-6 year old Donation thanks,God bless , Maria

  32. Hello, we are a small church located in Lancaster, CA. We are in need of 150 padded fabric chairs. Our finances are very low but we are willing to pay. We would love to be blessed with blue chairs but we are definitely open for other options. Thank you so much for making our request known. God bless!

    1. Antoinette,

      Please call me. We have exactly 150 chairs for sale in Lancaster, CA.
      818 256-9201

      1. Hello my name is Jeff
        my church are looking for 150 chairs for our church can you please provide info and pictures of chairs and price.

  33. Hi, Or church is looking for 150 to 200 chairs. We are working with a very little to no budget. If anyone has chairs that they can donate it would be well appreciated.
    We are in Ohio.


    1. Hi Lydia,

      We will keep our eyes and ears open for a potential solution for you. Each month we have dozens of churches contacting us who are looking for used church chairs or free church chairs and sometimes things work out for a few. Blessings!

  34. Looking for about 15-25 padded used chairs for our youth room you can contact me

    1. Hi Charles,

      Feel free to give one of our team a call at 419-469-6411 and we’ll be glad to work with you on this need.

  35. We are a new church in Manhattan, ks and are in need of approx. 100 chairs by next month on the 22nd our launch service not a big congregation so really on a tight budget right now. Douglas Bell

  36. Hi, we are a small church in stone mountain, GA about to purchase our first building. We are in need of 100 chairs. Any help is appreciated!

  37. Do anybody in south Carolina know where I can get some use or new church chairs for $5 ea or less because I need 150 chairs asap for our new sanctuary! if so please give me a call at 803-759-1093 if I don’t answer right away please leave a message that you do have or you know where I can get some chairs for $5 or less ea. thank you!

  38. We are a new church in Columbus, GA with no budget. We are in need of 40 chairs. Please help us with donations.

  39. We’re a new church in Columbus,GA with no budget and is in need of 40 chairs, please help us with donations.

    1. Hey this is bishop Jones daughter from Atlanta. Please call me (404)573_1652

  40. Hello,

    We are looking for two or three used prayer altars for our church in Birmingham, Alabama.
    Color doesnt matter as we can refinish to match our existing decor. They can be plain wood on top or padded.

    Thank you,

    Jack Cagle, Minister of Music
    New Life Worship Center Church of God

  41. In need of 50 used church chairs any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. High iam pastor Pinckney in Maryland, we are about to get us some new chairs, you can have them if you want. My phone# is 240-418-0625

      1. Thanks Pastor! We will pass this info long to churches in your area as we have opportunity.

  42. Hello God’s people my church which is located in philadelphia is in deseperare need of pews what we have now are not safe they are fallen apart please help because we are a new church, the pastors are unemployed and the church members are not all employed we cannot afford to buy any please help

  43. Hello God’s people my church which is located in philadelphia is in deseperare need of pews what we have now are not safe they are fallen apart please help because we are a new church, the pastors are unemployed and the church members are not all employed we cannot afford to buy any please help here is my email

  44. We need 150-200 chairs for a church we are starting in the Los Angeles. Please let us know the price or where can we purchase some. Thank you so kindly.

  45. Hello,

    We are in need of some nice chairs for our church. We need at least one hundred chairs for the sanctuary. We are in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. My phone number is 717-552-9864 or 717-261-5920

    Thank You,

    Carolyn Fields

  46. I am looking used church chair in good condition. I need 110, navy blue. I also need 18 banquet chairs I have a small fellowship hall, if you can I will be so thankful.

    Thank you,

    Pastor Ethel Austin

  47. If you can help me find 110 church chairs and 18 banquet chairs, need navy for sanctuary and black or dark for fellowship hall. I live in Georgia in Macon and Roberta, Ga. Area. If you can help I will be so grateful, with used or Clarence or donation! Thanks

  48. I Church was Arsoned in 2010 and we are finally getting ready to move into another church building after renting for the past four years. We will need a Piano, pulpit Furniture, Communion Table, and 75-100 Chairs that will work well with round tables
    due to the fact that our funds are limited.

  49. We are volunteering at a church in Wallis, TX. It is a church plant to reach the city and surrounding communities. The church is called My Fathers House. We are in need of cushioned chairs, at the moment people are sitting on metal chairs purchased from Sams. Any help would be appreciated.

  50. We’re a ministry 2 years old but have just move the ministry into a building don’t have many members, no money buy what’s needed but we are in need of some tables round or rectangular, can you help please?

  51. We are a ‘very’ small church plant in Humble Texas. We have just gotten our own place to worship after 18m of renting schools spaces. We need lots of stuff! Especially the following: A preaching podium, a sacrament table, an electric fridge, electric stove, a dining room table (which doubles for the children’s church area), book cases, cabinets, storage bins…ANYTHING that you may have extra’s or be willing to help us with…Please & thank you!

  52. Hi
    I’m looking for a few wood (padding not necessary) church pews at clearance price or free – we have limited funds for furniture and we do not care about their condition. We will be grateful to find them. I have until March to locate the furniture so if there is someone whose need is more immediate/urgent, please accommodate them first.
    Thank you,

  53. Hi. We are a beginning church and interested in anyone that has chairs for a reasonable price. If they can be donated to the Lord that would be awesome. We need to seat at least 150 people. Color purple would be preffered but it is not necessary. 956 292 3722 is my number and we are located in lafayette indiana. God bless

    1. Did you ever find the green chairs that you were looking for?

  54. I am looking for blue drapes for our church stage. The stage is not large and they can be used.

  55. Our Church family just purchased a building a few months ago. We are now at the point to where we are ready to start worshiping. However; we are in need of 150 descent church chairs, looking and expecting a blessing from God. If you can meet our needs would you please respond ASAP,

    Thank You

  56. Our church Family just purchased a building to worship in a few months ago. However we are in need of 150 descent church chairs, If you can be of any assistance to our need please contact me through my email adress ASAP

    Thank You

  57. we are in need of church chairs we are a very small church located in Orlando,fl and we are renting our funds are very low and just looking for 30 or 40 chairs. I have searched everywhere, I even searched craisgslist but they ones they had are gone already. I would appreciate any assistance.


  58. Hello we are a new Christian ministry.We have secured a building but in need of 150-200 chairs for the sanctuary, sound equipment, microphones, drums, keyboard. We will appreciate donated items. Thank you

  59. Higher Praise Christian Church is a place where God’s presence dwells richly and we are continuously trying to live our lives to represent Him. We are asking God to connect us with someone who wants to donate or sell 75-100 purple church chairs at a very discounted price. We presently have folding chairs but the vision God gave me was a sanctuary with purple chairs. We are a remnant of people being equipped to do vineyard work and would appreciate any assistance we can get. Thank you so much and God bless you richly.

    1. good morning my sister how long you been Pastor ? we are located in Waldorf 12118 Ell lane 20602 Pastor Norman Owens church without walls

  60. We are the small church actually in need of 100 chairs or 200 for the beginning, please if anyone can help us get the burgundy or blue banquet chair ( cheapest price)
    My cell phone 240-422-6296. God bless

  61. Hi ,im looking for some church chairs if anybody could help me! im in corona california

  62. My Church in Spanish Town Jamaica is seeking assistance in obtaining some used chairs and wireless microphones as donations. Church recently acquired new grounds from existing rental location in a mall.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  63. Hi my name is Lady Smith, we gave a new ministry in need of music equipment and a pulpit for our man of God. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  64. Hello,
    My church is in search of 150 chairs, we are a small church and have limited funds, but we are trusting in Gods direction for these chairs. If you can help in any way it would truly be a blessing.
    thank you and may God bless you

  65. We are looking for 20 to 25 used reasonably priced chairs for our ministry. We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Could you please assist us in this process?

  66. Small church in need of 50 chairs. Can you help please

  67. Our church needs 150 padded sanctuary chairs burgundy in color as donation for our worship center. May God bless you in advance for the offer. We rare located on Vermont in Torrance. Pastor Chumash Iroezi (310) 977-1077

  68. We will be starting our brand new ministries soon and we are in the need of 20 to
    25 chairs or pews to help us get our church started, we have limited funds and
    need all the help we can get. We are located in Painesville. God Bless and Thx.

  69. Hello:

    We are looking for 300 padded seats for our church. We are leaving our current location at a high school and going to a retail shop. Please help us or let us know the cost. We are in West Palm Beach FL.

  70. We are just launching our ministry and need 50-100 chair and any church furniture that we can get , may God bless thank you

  71. Need 220 padded church interlocking chairs in either lime or dark green, brown or tan. We are in Clermont Florida. You can reach me Denise 352-978-2225

  72. Our church wants to DONATE 42- 20ft pews. They are in good condition. We only ask that you move them. Call 601-442-2977 for more details.

  73. We are in need of chairs around 100-150 we recently got a new location in oklahoma city if anyone can help us that would be great! Thank you! And blessings to all!

  74. We are in need of chairs about 100-150 we recently moved to a new location in oklahoma city i anyone can help us that would be great. Thank you!!! Blessings to all!!! (405) 361-7620

  75. Hi my name is pastor troy hanna I am in andros Island the bahamas we need a small sound system for my church can you help us God bless thank you. you can call @12424315151-or email me.

  76. Greetings in the name of our Lord my wife and I are extending our outreach we are looking for 50 padded chairs to be donated to our ministry we will be forever grateful

  77. Hi There,

    We are a new Church, and we are in need of 60 white folding chairs..If you can help our Ministry Please contact me.
    We are in West Palm Beach, Florida and will pick them up if we have to.
    Thank you in advance
    Deaconess/Secretary S. Canady (561-634-6498)

  78. We are Louisiana based with a 200 mile radius of service from Baton Rouge. Our company builds, renovates and provides new and used seating of all kinds for today’s growing church worships environments. We are located at 17123 Hooper Road in Greenwell Springs, La. Mid South Church Furnishings, Inc. can handle any of your churches needed solid oak church pews, pulpits, communion tables, interlocking and stackable church chairs, potters house style pulpits as well as shipping directly to your church as far as the Virgin Islands. Give us a call at 225-413-1672 or visit us on Facebook ( Mid South Church Construction, Inc.) to see our high quality start to finish projects. We will try to help start up churches with pews that have been given to us, if you are needing to upgrade and need to get rid of you existing pews we can help find a new home or we may be able to meet a need. Praise God for this blog…great idea church partner!!!!!!!

    Bro. Michael Hawkins, President
    Mid South Church Construction, Inc.
    Mid South Church Furnishings, Inc.
    17123 Hooper Rd.
    Greenwell Springs, La. 70739

  79. Hi, am looking for someone who would like to donate a hundred or two hundred padded chairs to our church, it would be truly a blessing to the body of Christ, God bless, contact me at 813 410 2057.

  80. We would like to purchase 60 chairs if possible We need them for our church . Please give me a call and let me know what kind of money were talking . If we can get them for a good price we would buy 75 to 100 thanks Don 405-659-6605

  81. We are in need of 50-60 green or gold padded chairs for our community domestic violence center/chapel. We wanted it open by Christmas 2015 but chairs were needed. The center/chapel is completed but need chairs so people can have a place to sit and pray with family members. Our community really needs this center/chapel.. Many have stopped by asking when it will open, we can only say when we obtain chairs so everyone can sit and pray with family members. Thank you for your guidance and help!

  82. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My testimony is that I’ve just went through a divorce, became homeless, church scattered after the divorce, but God just restored the ministry back. I never told a soul from the church to follow me nor said a word about my ex husband as God instructed me to. However within the last two months all the members got my number from someone but on top of that God just gave me favor with a business owner in the community to use one of the buildings to hold service. All of the old church furniture and equipment that we had from the old church with my ex husband along with clothing and personal belonging and my business equipment were all lost in storage. Guess what I lost it with an understanding. I knew that God was removing everything from my past and bringing me into the new. I am in a new year and I will not look back. God is better than good and greater than great. My 13 year old son was pronounced dead at the scene of the motorcycle accident. BUT GOD, raised him from the dead like Lazarus. So if I witnessed God do that He surely put furnishing in His church. Amen. I was sitting for months after the divorce and believing that I was going to sit under another ministry which was what I preferred, but I told every person that told me that the Lord said to feed His sheep. I said He has to speak more clearer than that because it’s just me by myself, not one member. That’s when they came pouring in like a flood. Strangers I would meet at the store God would have me ministering in the highways anyways and they would ask me where my church was that they want to come to my church and I would pause a good 15 seconds because I was recognizing that it was God setting things in order. I still wouldn’t receive the great responsibility because I keep hearing International until I started seeing it. People were calling me from all around the world which made me panic and say hey God! Wait! Give me some time. I need to take more classes please, I’m not ready please!! But here I am today embracing the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. It’s really unexplainable to man. It’s an experience that you have to experience for yourself. I get joy every time I’m able to help other’s. Know that our suffering was not in vain. Can I brag on our God for a minute? I love how as soon as I come out of a storm He would send a person to me that’s going through what I just came out of. He never let my reason for suffering tarry long. I always say oh! you are the one that I went through for and I embrace them and let God use me to the max. I give GOD His glory for HE alone is worthy. The building is empty and it can house 50 people, chairs, pulpit furniture, podium, speakers, drum set, microphones, radio, sound equipment. You name it we need it. If the Lord has touched your heart to be a blessing in any kind of way, please contact me (786)873-9030. Prophetess Valerie

  83. Hi this is pastor paul Austin TX , we are looking up to 100 to 150 church chairs. You can call us with 832 730 9187 more Grace.

  84. We going to get new chairs soon and we going to take off our pews just can give us any donation 615 7248482

  85. We are a small church in NE PA and are looking for a celebrant’s chair. We’d actually like to get a pair. Hoping for something nicer than an ordinary chair.

  86. Greeting my fellow brothrs and sisters,My name is Pastor Wright.Our fairly new church is in search of either gently used pews or church chairs.

  87. Hi ,God Bless
    We are a small church in need of chairs for our ministry, we are in the process of moving from one side to another and our budget is tight because of the
    reconstruction of the new place .we are looking for used chair donation , we need 50 chairs by April 15 ,2016
    Any help will be a blessing for us .
    We are Located in Boston Ma,
    I can be reach at (617)-306-5942
    Carmen Rosado
    God Bless

  88. Hello my name is Pastor Jones. We are small Church, and we are in need of about 50 are more chairs that can interlock together a Pulpit an office table and chair. We have a few members which most of them are unemployed. I am the pastor of this ministry I work full time, 50 to 60 hours a week to help out with the expense of the church. We have a very low budget to work with. We will appreciate your help.

  89. Am from Hartford ct, my dear Christian families,please help me to find 30-50 burdendy used chairs at a reasonable price as soon as possible, thank you and may God blessing be upon you.

  90. Hello… name is Evang. Bunny Jones….from Mobile, Alabama. My husband and I have just started a new ministry here in the area. We are in need of 35-40 fabric clothed chairs in real good condition. We would like to have them donated to us if possible, but if not perhaps for an extremely reasonable price. When responding, please state color. Thanks. Contact numbers: 251-662-6028 home or cell 251 377-4856 cell…May God bless those who respond in the name of Jesus!

  91. Hello, I am a member of a very small church that consist of about 60 members including the children. We have very old benches that are breaking apart. We are praying for some cushioned chairs new or used. Our church is in Edinburgh Tx. To contact us you can all 2244091352. Thanks to everyone who is reading this for taking the time to even look at it. Blessings to all.

  92. New church plant in North Georgia in need of 50-100 worship chairs. Our budget for chairs is fairly frugal but we are open to talking with anyone that may have something. You can call me at 404-729-0084. Thank you!

  93. I am a new pastor, and we are looking for pulpit furniture and benches. We call me if you can help us. Thank You in advance

  94. Church looking for chairs and pews…(limited funds.) Located in Colorado Springs. We would appreciate any help.

  95. Church is in need of chairs and pews…furniture, supplies etc. (Limited funds.) We are located in Colorado Springs, Co. Please call 719-459-0543 or

  96. Start up Church looking for 175 padded stacking chairs for our sanctuary. We are located in Phoenix Arizona. Very small budget.

  97. I am looking for used church chairs for a small but growing church filled with youth.

  98. Our new church just got a new building we are looking for 40 or more padded stacking chairs, for our sanctuary, podium and projector monitor and screen, office funtiure .(limited founds any help will be appropriated we are located in Edmonton Canada pls call
    001 780-999-4181 Thanks pastor Liz.

  99. Our new church just got a new building we are looking for 40 or more padded stacking chairs, for our sanctuary, podium and projector monitor and screen, office funtiure .(limited founds any help will be appropriated we are located in Edmonton Canada pls call
    001 780-999-4183 Thanks pastor Liz.

    Sorry there was an erro on my contact in the initial post thanks

  100. Dnewman.123@outlook com. I was interested in what Angelena had to sell. Im just starting my church and need to furnish it .

  101. Please give me a email me if items are still available. (shakeiasingleton@gmail. com)

  102. We have finally found a church home for our new ministry and are launching our first church service, prayerfully next month. We are in need of 100 padded chairs (preferably Burgundy in color) for our launch service. We are located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. If anyone can assist us please contact us Any assistance is welcomed. Thank you and God Bless!

  103. Im in need of 100 used sanctuary chairs for a new church location, Please help if possible.

  104. looking to buy used kneeler chairs, 1 or 1000
    Please contact Anthony 3034370701

    1. Dexter, we will certainly let you know if a church in your area contacts us with available chairs as often happens. Thanks.

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