Used Church Chairs & Church Chair Clearance Sale

Church Chairs / Worship Seating


Here at Church Furniture Partner we’re privileged to have some of our manufacturers offer us the opportunity to assist them in clearing out some of their church chairs as well as occasional used church chairs (“loaners”) they may have.  Here are some special offers we have right now available at great pricing!

  • Here are some used SS-661 Church Chairs that were used for just a few weeks as loaner chairs while a church waited on their actual order.  These are a great deal for one or more churches!
  • We also have some SS-7711 Church Chairs with Cold-Cured Foam and Custom Fabric that are available at a great price simply because the order was canceled by the church after they had made a down payment.
  • Here’s are some more SS-7711 Church Chairs from a second canceled order.  And as before, these are a great opportunity for a lucky church somewhere!

We have other special offers available as well.  Feel free to contact us for more information!