Price Comparison: Church Furniture Partner & Worthington Direct

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At Church Furniture Partner we enjoy comparing our pricing against that of some of the major players in the church and school furnishings market (such as Worthington Direct).  Our belief has long been that our insistence at CFP of almost zero “overhead” for operating costs and our desire to see churches save dollars gives us a great advantage.  But it’s always gratifying to test those assumptions and see them lived out.  This month we conducted an impromptu pricing comparison against furnishings giant Worthington Direct.   We chose three items we had just quoted for customers the past week.  Here are the results:

  • First we compared pricing for the R60 Folding Table from Correll.  This domestically-produced blow-mold table is one of the favorites of our church customers.  We feature it regularly for $156.99 each plus shipping.  At Worthington Direct it is listed for $188.95 each in a quantity of ten tables.  Add on an electronic quote of $290.69 for shipping and the Worthington Direct price for ten of the R60 Table delivered totals $2180.19.  So how do we do in comparison at Church Furniture Partner?  Our delivered price on the same ten tables to the same zip code is $1814.90.  That’s a savings of $365.29!
  •  Second we compared pricing for the 4286 Series of Veer Chairs from Safco Products.  Worthington Direct offered us a price of $89.95 each for this chair.  For 100 chairs the total was $8995.00 and in addition their website calculated for us a price of $546.25 for shipping for a total of $9541.25.  At Church Furniture Partner we currently have this same chair available for $71.25 each.  In addition we are offering FREE SHIPPING on an order this size.  The bottom line is that on 100 Veer Series Chairs you will save $2416.25 by purchasing from Church Furniture Partner!
  •  Well how about a comparison on some chairs for children?  We chose the 8126JC1003 which is a 16″ children’s chair from Joni-Craft with a blue poly shell and matching blue painted legs.  For 100 of these Worthington Direct provided a price of $29.95 per chair plus shipping of $489.10.  That’s a total of $3484.10.  Our everyday price at Church Furniture Partner is $27.70 each on these chairs and our shipping for 100 of these chairs is $306.49 for a total delivered price of $3076.49.  Again Church Furniture Partner provides a significant savings, this time one of $407.61!

We’d love to keep listing example after example of the savings we offer!  But probably best is that you experience these sorts of savings for your church by contacting us for all your church furnishing needs.  We’d love to help you save money!