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Twenty-five years ago when I was six years old my dad became pastor of New Hope Community Church in Bryan, OH.  The church averaged about 60 in attendance at the time and had never had a full-time pastor.  Over the following years though the church grew significantly to what is now a constituency of 1500 people in a small town of 9,000.  There have been several building projects along the way as you can imagine, and some of the most appreciated were areas for children’s ministry.

I remember when our new church nursery was built as a part of a project back  in 1993.  Dad insisted that the nursery have everything possible to help young mothers and fathers feel comfortable in trusting their kids to this environment.  In those days church nursery pagers were rare.  You would see pagers at restaurants but not at churches.  Dad contacted a salesman who handled Outback Restaurants and before long, New Hope featured the same paging system.  This system could not have been a bigger hit with young families from within our church and the community.  It was always exciting to see a new family immediately be appreciative of how their children would be cared for and of this investment on their behalf.

Well, now I am 31 and my husband Kelsey and I have our own family.  I have two little ones that have been a part of the New Hope nursery and have appreciated the church nursery pagers all the more.  Dad has always been passionate about helping churches save money.  He has done this in amazing ways over his 25 years at New Hope and six building projects.  I have decided I would love to do the same in select areas of church ministry that I’m passionate about.  Thus this initial effort of Church Nursery Pagers for Less.

We have sought out what we believe to be the best nursery paging system for churches and are providing this system to churches in the most affordable manner.  So check us out and let us know who we can help your church!  We’d love to partner with you!

Church Nursery Pagers for Less