Used Church Furniture (Chairs, Tables, and More)

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Over recent weeks we have come across several great opportunities for churches to purchase used church furniture in great condition at very reasonable prices.  When this happens, these items tend to evoke considerable interest as people are very interested in these economic times in saving their church money!  And some churches have been incredibly blessed with great deals.  But because these opportunities can both surface and disappear quickly, we want to share a few of the ways your church might be able to be one of those reaping the benefit of significant savings.

  • We are often approached by churches asking us if we have any used furniture available in their geographical area from other churches.  And occasionally we do.  However, generally when a church is letting go of furnishings, those furnishings are most often are well-used and quite dated.  So while these opportunities do happen, the ability to obtain high quality and more current church furnishings through this avenue is really quite rare.  But take heart and read on as there are other methods that can have those desired results.
  • Some manufacturers will provide “loaner church chairs or furnishings” on occasion.  For example, a church orders 700 new chairs and needs them by a certain date.  But that date is not able to be met from a production standpoint.  Often the manufacturer, to avoid losing the order, will provide “loaner church chairs” for that church.  These chairs will be used a few weeks and then returned to the manufacturer and then made available through Church Furniture Partner.  And while they are technically USED they are really like NEW.   Sometimes we will list them on EBAY such as these SS-661 Worship Chairs from Comfortek Seating.  And at other times we will simply make them available on our Special Offers Page such as these SS-661 Church Chairs in a different fabric.  The important thing to remember though is to contact us because not everything we have available will be listed.
  • There is another great opportunity that comes along quite often as well.  A church will place an order for new chairs and make a down payment.  But along the way, they change their mind regarding what chairs they really want or have a change of heart regarding fabric choice or just decide to cancel their order.  The manufacturer now has chairs that have been produced that they need to move.  Because they have already received a down payment, these chairs will be available at a great price!  Right now we have two separate opportunities listed on our Special Offers Page.  You can see these chairs here and here.  These tend to move fast so be sure and contact us for more information.

Let’s take a moment to review what we are saying in this article.  There ARE some great deals on used church furniture that come along.  They can be very short-term in terms of availability.  So contacting us at Church Furniture Partner and letting us know of your need can be very instrumental in your church being one to benefit in a significant manner!