Crib Sale: Upgrade Your Church Nursery to New Government Safety Standards

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Over this past year we have been blessed at Church Furniture Partner to help several churches upgrade their existing church nursery cribs to cribs that meet current government safety standards.  Almost 15 months years ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission implemented stricter safety guidelines for cribs.  The new standards especially targeted childcare operators and the hospitality industry.  However, churches have been advised as well to make sure they upgrade their church nursery cribs to be compliant with these standards from a liability perspective.

As we have worked with churches on these crib upgrades, we have learned once again how difficult it can be for the needed dollars to be available for such upgrades.  As a result, we have decided to offer special pricing on all of our Foundations line of church nursery cribs.  These cribs feature great quality, they meet or exceed all of the new guidelines, and our pricing will thrill you.  Please mention Offer FND2o when you contact us.

Here are some resources for your church regarding the need to upgrade your church nursery cribs.  First, here is the statement from the CPSC that shares significant information about the new regulations.  And second, here is a white paper that spells out the standards that are now in place.

We look forward to hearing from your church!  Please remember that the pricing you will receive after contacting us and mentioning our special offer will be below what you see on our website!