Church Seating: More than Just Worship Chairs!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating

Throughout the course of each month, we receive a variety of calls, emails and contacts from churches across the country regarding worship seating.  We value each contact and church and do our best to assist them in navigating the complex and even “hazardous” world of church chairs.  We take a great amount of satisfaction in doing so!

But we have found that when churches think “seating”, most of the time they immediately picture the seating in their main worship space.  As a result, many times after we have assisted them with their questions and needs, we will ask, “Do you have other areas in your facility where you have church seating needs?”  Sometimes we have to expand on that question further by helping them remember the many environments in their church where people like to sit!  So in no particular order, let’s remember a few of them together.

  • Children’s Seating:  Whether 10″, 12″, 14″ 16″ or 18″ high chairs, or various sizes of bean bags that are becoming popular, don’t neglect this important area!
  • Nursery Seating:  Providing your nursery workers with comfortable and safe rockers and gliders is always appreciated!
  • Sound Booth Seating:  Your technical team needs chairs that provide ease of movement and mobility!
  • Soft Seating:  A few lounge chairs and sofas are always welcome in your lobby area!
  • Cafe Seating:  Whether dining height or bar height, a nice seat while enjoying a cup of coffee is ideal!
  • Banquet Seating:  Banquet chairs of some type are the most efficient for large dining events!
  • Outdoor Seating:  A few chairs outdoors or many, perhaps even benches, present an inviting presence!
  • Youth Seating:  A variety of seating, even gaming chairs, can help outfit your student ministry area!
  • High Chairs:  Some of the choices available today will greatly endear your church to young parents!

So whether your church is in need of some assistance with their worship seating, or any of these above areas, we’d love to come along side of you at Church Furniture Partner.  Just take a moment and contact us.  You’ll be glad you did!