Increase Your Church Seating Capacity With Church Chairs!

Church Chairs / Worship Seating
We recently worked with one of our long-time customers to replaced their pews with new church chairs.  The church has been able to increase their seating capacity considerably (spread over multiple services) without expanding their overall square footage.  Here are the words of Sam Ward, who headed up the project for the church.
Emmanuel Community Church was started in 1971 as a church plant.  It has gone through numerous changes and building programs and now averages over 1,800 in attendance in five weekend services.  One of the biggest problems facing the church recently has been seating.  The addition of a new service in the Family Life Center gym with the sermon via video increased seating, but there still wasn’t enough room.  Our Senior Pastor visited another church that had increased their seating by removing the pews and adding chairs.  Their rational was that it cost much less money and time to purchase new chairs than build a new building.  Emmanuel decided to do the same thing and ended up gaining over 100 seats in the Worship Center.  This allowed over 200 more people attend and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

CHURCH FURNITURE PARTNER worked with us to purchase these new chairs at a lower cost than other distributors and the chairs are of the highest quality.  In fact, there were a few members who were unsure how they would like the new chairs, but after sitting in them during a service and seeing the impact for the Kingdom no one even talks about pews anymore.  CHURCH FURNITURE PARTNER was great to work with and worked hard to help us meet our goal of more seats at a low cost.  Because of these new chairs, we have been able to have even more people hear God’s WORD and apply it to their WALK.     
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