Church Building; Five Questions Every Capital Campaign Needs to Address Part 3

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So far we have discussed three of the five questions that every capital campaign needs to address:

What are we doing?
Why are we doing it?
Why are we doing it now?

Why does the church exist, how does this project preserve or promote that mission, why is this project so urgent? These are three foundational issues that should be talked about frequently before, during and after the campaign, but it is the next question that starts to become personal.
How will this be possible? It is here that the rubber begins to make contact with the pavement. How will it be possible? There are two reasons that this is such an important question to address.

People won’t give sacrificially to something that they don’t believe is going to happen. By definition, sacrifice is giving up something of value for something of greater value. Even those who share and are highly committed to your vision will be unlikely to give at a sacrificial level if they aren’t clear on how it is going to happen.

There is however a much larger issue here. Ultimately, this is a question of faith and that is why it becomes so personal. Do I have faith the leadership of the church when they say this is going to happen? Do I have faith in the person to the right of me and the person to the left of me to do their part in this? Do I faith that God will provide for me and my family if we really commit to this campaign?

Often it is this question more than any other that God appears to use to reveal faith issues that we are not even aware that we have. Make no mistake, this question will be a key determining factor in how much people give and how much people grow.

Next time we will answer the question; what do you need me to do? The answer may surprise you.

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