Church Chair Reviews: What’s the Best Worship Seating?

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An Honest Comparison Review of Church Chairs – Part 1

When is the last time your church purchased new church seating?  When is the next time your church is planning on replacing church chairs?  If your church is like most churches, you immediately recognize how rare it is that church chairs are purchased.  And since church seating purchases are so uncommon in the life of a church, often so is the experience and knowledge to guarantee that the chairs purchased will be those that will perfectly fit the specific needs and environment of your church.

At Church Furniture Partner we have worked with an amazing number of churches over the years in their quest for new church chairs.  We also work with almost every church chair and worship seating manufacturer in the country.  Our experience with both a broad range of church customers, and a dozen or so church seating manufacturers, has positioned us well to be able to share what we believe is a balanced perspective on church seating purchases.

So, we’re going to devote our next several articles to what we have found to be the seven key church chair characteristics that should be taken into consideration as a church considers a church chair purpose.  Here are the seven we’ll be looking at:

  • Price
  • Comfortableness
  • Efficiency of Storage
  • Quality
  • Appearance
  • Handling
  • Use

I’m looking forward to this fresh look at church chairs.  One thing is certain, your people will sit down in your church far more than they will stand up.  I believe this series of articles will be beneficial for many churches over the coming years.  And, if your church is considering a church chair purchase before these are published, be sure and contact us and we’ll walk through the purchase with you.