Sample Church Chairs: Don’t Buy Worship Seating Without One!

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Your church is considering purchasing new worship chairs for your sanctuary?  If so, there are many factors you will need to consider of course.  I have shared many of those thoughts in this collection of articles.  I encourage you to look through them carefully before you purchase church chairs.

I have been asked though, that if there was only ONE PIECE OF ADVICE I could share with churches before they buy church seating, what would it be? I have thought about what my answer would be to that question and it’s not difficult to narrow it down to one suggestion.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  BEFORE you purchase new church chairs, obtain a sample chair and check it out well!

Over the years I have been surprised too often how many churches will purchase 100, 200, 300, even 500 worship chairs without having ever obtained a sample church chair to make sure they were going to be pleased with their purchase over the long term.  And as a result, too often the church is NOT happy!

Here are some quick tips about sample chairs:

  • The more difficult and expensive it is to obtain a sample worship chair may be an indication that particular chair is not one the manufacturer desires you to compare to others chairs.  Likewise, the easier it it is to obtain a sample church church chair may well be an indication of the confidence that manufacturer has in their product.
  • Request that your sample church chair be in the width you are planning on using in your worship space.  If you obtain a 22″ wide worship chair for your sample, but are planning on using 20″ chairs in your worship space, you will be making your decision based on a non-applicable variable.
  • Place your sample chairs side by side and allow different members of your staff and/or congregation to assess them well from comfort, quality and aesthetic perspectives.   You may be amazed at the variances you will discover.

Church Furniture Partner currently works with most worship seating manufacturers of our day.  We do have those we consider to the best values for churches today.  Please be sure and contact us for more information.