Wholesale VBS (Vacation Bible School) Materials and Gifts

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Yes, its winter right now…  But now is the time may churches start preparing for the summer and Vacation Bible School or VBS.

In the past our tiny church has spent over $1000 or VBS materials, supplies, prizes, and the like but this year we are hoping to save some money by looking beyond the normal resources and giving our partners at Dollar Days a try.

We must admit when we search their site for wholesale vacation bible school supplies we get very few products.  However we were able to browse around their website and find many wholesale items we could use for our church to lower the cost of hosting VBS over the summer.  Here is some of what we found which may help you get some ideas.

  1. Wholesale toilet paper for our church
    While this may seem like something to buy at your local Sam’s Club or Costco we found we could save our church money by purchasing it through Dollar Days.
  2. Arts & Crafts supplies for VBS
    Any arts-and-crafts supply can be utilized in VBS.  And Dollar Days had PLENTY at a cost much less than we were paying from our old supplier.
  3. Cleaning Supplies to keep church sanitary
    Not only do we always need cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer but during VBS we need some extras.  We love the little ones but BOY CAN THEY MAKE A MESS

So there are just a few ideas how you can use a real wholesale supplier like Dollar Days to save your church money during VBS and year round!