Church Coffeemakers and Coffee Equipment: New or Used?

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Coffee has never been more popular!  And in your church on Sunday morning, chances are you see this phenomena first-hand.  People connecting with one another will often have a cup of coffee in one hand.  But to get that cup of coffee in that hand requires equipment to produce it.  How does your church obtain the best value in coffee equipment for their particular needs?  And in doing so, should they consider used coffee equipment versus new coffee equipment?  Here are some tips as you consider the “used” versus “new” question.

  • Cost:  The prices of quality coffee making equipment can vary greatly from different suppliers and distributors.  As always, prudent and wise shopping is necessitated.  Church Furniture Partner for example carries the complete line of Bunn-o-Matic equipment and their discounts are significantly greater than most other Bunn dealers.  As you seek to obtain the best price, a quote from CFP is always advised.
  • Previous Care:  How well has the used coffee equipment you are considering purchase of been cared for?  Is it clean on the outside?  Are there any evident build-ups of substances on the inside?  Is there corrosion that has been taking place?  Has the unit been used with soft or hard water?  You will want to inspect your potential equipment very carefully.
  • Updated or Outdated:  Just how old is the equipment you are thinking of purchasing?  Coffee producing and serving equipment has seen great advances over past years.  You will not want to purchase equipment that reflects older technology.  For example, for many years coffee would be produced and then placed over electric warmers to keep it hot.  But in recent years, studies have demonstrated that constant heat actually degrades the flavor of the coffee.  Thus there has been a major movement to “thermo” units that keep the coffee hot through insulated technology.
  • Brand Name Equipment:  There is no point of purchasing equipment whose manufacturer is no longer in business.  As replacement parts are needed you need to know they will be available.  As additional equipment is warranted you will want to be able to match your existing equipment.

While at times there will be some great deals available on used coffee equipment, you will want to keep the above factors in mind along with others.  And be sure that the savings you believe you may be obtaining on your potential used coffee equipment purchase is actually as great as you imagine.  A competitive quote by Church Furniture Partner is easy to obtain on Bunn Coffee Equipment by just filling out this form.