Gentner Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) for Your Church

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One Sunday morning during our worship service, I noticed that the older gentleman in front of me removed his hearing aid.  Yet I knew that he was one of those guys who really needed that device and had benefited greatly from it.  Later that morning I asked him why he had removed it during the service.  His response was gentle but also carried with it a degree of frustration.  He shared that the hearing aid was invaluable to him, but in a worship service like ours the degree of background noise made it almost impossible for him to hear the primary audio he was using the device to help him hear.  There were just too many sounds being amplified.

Many churches have begun using Assistive Listening Systems for individuals like the gentleman in the paragraph above.  With these systems, only the audio of the program and the communicator are amplified so that background noise is removed and what is heard is quite understandable.   When people are using an assistive listening device, it does not matter where they sit in the room because there are no words that are missed.  They can hear and hear well, and fully participate in the service.

The Americans with Disabilities Act actually requires most public facilities to provide access to what it taking place to all customers, visitors, clients, etc.  There is some debate as to whether this applies to churches whether in part or in whole.  But we appreciate those churches that take the step to error on the side of caution an we wish to make these systems as available as possible.

Church Furniture Partner is now providing the complete line of Gentner Assistive Listening Systems.  Whether the 10-Pack 930-Dig-Ten or 10-Pack 930-DIG-610,  or the 4-Pack 930-402-001 or 4-Pack 930-402-006, or even the 5-Pack 930-DIG-6P5, we are prepared to offer these to your church at absolutely the lowest price in the country.  Please be sure and contact us for our special pricing for all churches!